Pupil Premium

The Eliot Bank and Gordonbrock Schools Federation is committed to supporting all pupils to overcome any barriers to learning. The Federation recognises that our families have a wide range of needs and they also have many strengths.

Our aim is to ensure that all children who are in receipt of the Pupil Premium Grant will make at least expected progress, achieving as well or better than those nationally. In addition to this we expect that all Pupil Premium Pupils will achieve as well as non-pupil premium pupils.

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If you get certain welfare benefits, you can apply for free school meals for your child. Visit Lewisham Council’s Free school meals and extra support for your child to find out more and including applying for Free School Meals online.

Leadership and Management

  • The Executive Head, Head of School and SLT lead the whole school in taking responsibility for diminishing the achievement gap. This SIP priority is embedded in the practice and ethos of the school.
  • The Deputy Head for Inclusion oversees the organisation of all additional provision, working closely with the Deputy Head for Assessment and the Head of School to track the progress of pupil premium children and evaluate the impact of all provision. They also allocate resources purposefully and report termly to Governors.
  • There is a link governor for pupil premium children who monitors the provision and its impact.
  • Diminishing the difference for Pupil Premium children continues to be a key focus of the School Improvement Plan (see above), with actions identified and tracked across all subject areas by Team Leaders. Thus all leaders within the school are specifically involved in the raising of attainment for Pupil premium children.


  • In order to raise self-esteem, give opportunities to develop speaking and listening skills and to involve children in decision making, we ensure that PP children are well represented in school activities. We will use adult mentors to act as coaches for children who may lack confidence to take part in activities such as: Assemblies and performances, School council, Monitor roles, Guides for visits.
  • Both full-time Learning Mentors support Pupil Premium children in class.
  • Both full time Learning Mentors work with families, supporting with housing, resources, uniform, food etc with the aim of raising academic achievement and closing the gap.
  • The use of Kagan learning techniques which places the emphasis on peer learning, team building and the contribution of every pupil, developing a range of skills such as speaking and listening, confidence and the ability to cooperate.
  • From 2015 another key focus has been the Lewisham resilience project, looking at strategies to improve the resilience of the whole school community – this is particularly valuable for vulnerable pupils.
  • Ensuring that children have enrichment opportunities e.g. the ballet, opportunities which involve the whole family e.g. pantomime experience.
  • We support our PP and vulnerable children at all transition points, but particularly at secondary transfer.
  • We continue to track these children into secondary school monitoring their academic and emotional progress.
  • Federation Opportunities – Many cross-federation opportunities from Nursery-Year 6 are built in to ensure progress of PP children e.g., joint trips and visits, visits to partner school.


The key purpose of our Pupil Premium funding is to remove any barriers to learning and allow pupils to make at least expected and, whenever possible, accelerated progress.

Children will receive some/all of the following support:

  • individual tuition
  • adult mentors
  • pre-teaching/enrichment/trips to ensure full access to the curriculum
  • language/vocabulary enrichment focus
  • opportunities to be ‘the expert’ in the classroom, coaching others in a skill or interest they may have
  • reading buddies
  • booster groups – after school and holiday times
  • targeted adult support in small groups
  • additional TA hours
  • learning mentor/home school support time focussed on under-achieving Pupil Premium children and families


School tracks the uptake of all Out of School Learning for Pupil Premium children.

We remove barriers to participation by:

  • Funding 20% of places in each After School Clubs run by the school.
  • Targeting children for specific clubs and removing barriers to participation by, for example, subsidising school trips and journeys.
  • Mathletics lunchtime clubs for children who do not have internet access at home. Homework club offered to PPG children.
  • CCHF holiday scheme to give disadvantaged children a range of residential activity and respite breaks.
  • Specific targeting of families and discussions within the Inclusion Team.
  • A PE specialist teacher contributes to the planning and delivery of lessons, enhancing the curriculum and developing the skills of all staff. As part of our whole school approach to diminishing the difference, developing the talents of the targeted children in every class is one of their key goals.

Pupil Premium Strategy and Impact

Diminishing the difference and supporting vulnerable children to build their academic resilience continues to be a key aspect of the School Improvement Plan.

The Eliot Bank and Gordonbrock Schools Federation have a rigorous Assessment cycle that is overseen by two Deputy Heads with responsibility for curriculum and assessment and Inclusion. Progress of all Pupil Premium (PP) children is discussed at termly pupil progress meetings which include the Head of school, phase leader and class teacher. Any PP children who also have Special Educational needs are discussed again at a further meeting with the SENDCo.

If you get certain welfare benefits, you can apply for free school meals for your child. Visit Lewisham Council’s Free school meals and extra support for your child to find out more and including applying for Free School Meals online.
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