The Arts

Art in schools shouldn’t be sidelined. It should be right there, right up in the front, because I think art teaches you to deal with the world around you. It is the oxygen that makes all the other subjects breathe.Alan Walker, Filmmaker

In our vision for the arts at Gordonbrock, every child has access to a vibrant, comprehensive and inclusive arts and cultural education.

We are a dynamic hub of creativity, where every child can discover their passion for the arts, cultivate their artistic voice and become lifelong advocates for creative expression and cultural appreciation.

Our curriculum integrates a diverse range of artistic disciplines, including the visual arts, music, dance, theatre and literature.

By fostering creativity at Gordonbrock, we aim to empower pupils to become innovative problem solvers, compassionate leaders and engaged citizens of the world, shaping a future where creativity serves as a catalyst for positive change in all aspects of society.

What are The Arts?

The arts encompass a broad range of creative expressions, which serve as mediums for individuals and cultures to explore, express and communicate ideas, emotions and experiences through various forms and techniques.

Visual arts Literary arts Performing arts
architecture, ceramics, drawing, filmmaking, painting, photography, and sculpting fiction, drama, poetry, and prose dance, music, and theatre

These prominent examples of the arts are promoted and developed through a range of subjects taught at Gordonbrock, including Art, Music and English. A wide range of trips, visits and events further enhance our arts and cultural education offer.

We are incredibly pleased and proud to be an Artsmark Gold Award-winning school and holder of the Music Mark Award.

At Gordonbrock, our journey in terms of developments of the arts does not stop there, though. In January 2023, we started our new Artsmark journey. To keep track of our Artsmark journey, please read our The Arts Bulletin published each half-term.

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