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Gordonbrock School is part of the Eliot Bank and Gordonbrock Schools Federation

Google Classroom Self-Help Guides: We have put together two vidoes to support parents as they work at home with their children.  The vidoes provide guidance as to how to login, view assignments, or upload completed work.

At Gordonbrock, we focus on providing a safe and nourishing environment where children feel accepted, included and able to take on new challenges.  With this in place, we know that we can instill a love of learning in our children.  Our policy and practice is based on what we know about how our brains learn most effectively.  Our teaching strategies are ‘brain-friendly’ and provide children with what they need to learn best.  We are committed to developing lifelong learners who value and exhibit qualities such as: resilience; aspiration; imagination; confidence and collaboration.  We believe in the creation of a culture in which difficulty is seen, not just as normal, but as beneficial - where mistakes are seen as valuable.   A mistake is another learning opportunity and children know that their classrooms are safe places to try new things.

We are committed to fair and equal access to the curriculum for all children, regardless of their starting points and taking into account any additional needs they may have.  We are highly aspirational for all of our children and we do whatever it takes to enable them to overcome barriers to their learning.   In many cases we have to think ‘outside the box’ if we are to ensure that a child maximises his/her potential. We work together to do what it takes, and we do not give up.

All of this is underpinned by our unwavering commitment to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all children.  We will act quickly and follow our procedures to ensure children receive early help, effective support, protection and justice in a culture of transparency, openness and, if needed, challenge with regards to maintaining high standards in safeguarding.

Jane Wright, Head of School

In keeping with Gordonbrock tradition, we will again, be supporting Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day.

We therefore invite all children and staff to wear their favourite festive jumper on Thursday 17th December 2020 and donate £1 to help transform the futures of children in the UK and around the world. Save the Children make sure children are kept safe, healthy and learning, and change the future for good.

There’s no need to buy a new jumper, why not turn an old sweater into a sparkly new creation. You can visit www.christmasjumperday.org/schools-pack for decorating templates online if you want to make your own sparkly creation at home.

This year, as we did for Children in Need, we are asking if you could donate via our Save the Children JustGiving Page. Please click on the following link.

Any donation given can be the difference between a hot meal or no meal for a child. It can also help bring essential healthcare, education, protection and food to millions of children in the UK and around the world who are missing out on these basics.

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What to do if you or someone you share your home with has coronavirus symptoms

Please follow the link below for information from Public Health England on what to do if you, or someone you share your home with, has coronavirus symptoms.

COVID-19 Important information for Parents and Carers (PDF) 

Easy Read Household Isolation (PDF) 

The school follows the Government and Public Health guidelines at all times and will not be able to give advice other than what is stated.  For the most up to date guidance visit:

  GOV.uk - Coronavirus (COVID-19)

NHS England - Coronavirus (COVID-19)