School Dinners

Our school meals are provided by Chartwells. All of the food is prepared daily in the school kitchens. Only free range eggs and farm assured meat are used.  To find out more information about Chartwells and school dinners click here.

Nursery Full Time 11:30am - 12:30pm
Reception & Key Stage 1 12:05pm - 1:15pm
Key Stage 2 12:20pm - 1:15pm

How are Lunchtimes Supervised?

There are always at least 2 adults in the hall supervising the children as they eat, watching over packed lunch children as well as school dinners.

Children are encouraged to eat all of their lunch, however if they really don’t want to, they will be encouraged to eat as much as they can. If a child is reluctant to eat over a period of days their parents will be informed. Children are not allowed to start with their pudding and skip the main course.



The following options are available daily;

  • a meat and a vegetarian option (children can choose either, they don’t have to be a vegetarian or book in advance to choose that option)
  • a vegetable, usually two, not including potatoes.
  • a 5 choice salad ar
  • bread
  • water to drink
  • fresh fruit
  • yoghurt and other deserts



School meals are FREE to children in Key Stage 1 (Reception to Year 2 inclusive) and for Key Stage 2 (years 3-6) the cost is £2.10 per meal, payable in advance.

Payment can be made directly to the school office via cheque or cash. To download the dinner money payment information please click here.

Alternatively payments for school dinners can be made on-line via the ParentPay website.

You can log on to the ParentPay system using the parent pay here.

If you a experience problems accessing your ParentPay account, please contact ParentPay directly.