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A Message from the Head of School, Jane Wright 

At Gordonbrock, we focus on providing a safe and nourishing environment where children feel accepted, included and able to take on new challenges. With this in place, we know that we can instill a love of learning in our children. Our policy and practice is based on what we know about how our brains learn most effectively. Our teaching strategies are ‘brain-friendly’ and provide children with what they need to learn best. We are committed to developing lifelong learners who value and exhibit qualities such as:

  • resilience
  • aspiration
  • imagination
  • confidence and
  • collaboration.

We believe in the creation of a culture in which difficulty is seen, not just as normal, but as beneficial - where mistakes are seen as valuable. A mistake is another learning opportunity and children know that their classrooms are safe places to try new things.

We are committed to fair and equal access to the curriculum for all children, regardless of their starting points and taking into account any additional needs they may have. We are highly aspirational for all of our children and we do whatever it takes to enable them to overcome barriers to their learning. In many cases we have to think ‘outside the box’ if we are to ensure that a child maximises his/her potential. We work together to do what it takes, and we do not give up.

All of this is underpinned by our unwavering commitment to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all children. We will act quickly and follow our procedures to ensure children receive early help, effective support, protection and justice in a culture of transparency, openness and, if needed, challenge with regards to maintaining high standards in safeguarding.

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SID2019 Ages 3-7 - Poster

Clip ‘n’ Climb - Harnessing Resilience

On 11th and 13th December Gordonbrock children from years 3-6 and their adults reached new heights at the Clip ‘n’ Climb Centre in Sutcliffe Park.

The purpose of the trip was to build resilience and a Growth Mindset for the children, linked to our whole school ethos. Children approached every challenge with amazing courage and perseverance, and in fact, were often found encouraging their parents to climb even higher and conquer their fears too!

The trip was a huge success and we hope that the children can use their experience to build their resilience further both inside and outside of the classroom!

Ada (E2): ‘I really enjoyed climbing the purple and green challenge wall. Even though it was probably the hardest challenge of them all, I made it to the top with my Dad’.

Shai (A5): ‘Clip ‘n’ Climb was really fun—I enjoyed it so much! It was a good competition against my Dad, especially because I won!’

Dylan (A5): ‘It was fun to spend time with my Uncle Bants. I got higher up the wall this time. My favourite part was when I climbed the Stairway to Heaven’

Cillie (E1): ‘The best bit was abseiling down the wall because it felt like I was flying! It was difficult to start with but I got the hang of it after a few tries’

 Fatimah (A5): ‘I liked jumping off, and enjoyed the challenges even though it was difficult at first’

Shayah (A2): ‘I overcame my fear by climbing to the top of the Stairway to Heaven. It was hard but I tried five times and finally got to the top. I stepped off and it was very exciting. I feel proud of myself!’

Languages Day 

On Tuesday 25th September 2018, we celebrated our annual Gordonbrock Languages Day. European Languages Day is celebrated all over Europe on 26th September every year to make people aware of the importance of learning languages and to promote intercultural understanding and cultural diversity.  We decided to celebrate all languages this year, not just European ones, and we had a great multilingual day in school!

There were many different language-related activities going on across the school, from Nursery to Year 6: Mrs Clarke read “The Three Little Pigs” in Polish to the Topaz classes, Miss Gonzalez and Mrs Levine read “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” in Spanish to the Sapphire classes.  The Emeralds had an interactive French storytelling session led by the Freshwater Theatre Company and the Aquamarine phase enjoyed a visit to our Languages Café where they were able to practise their French, German and Spanish and try some typical foods.

The children across the school learnt words in Greek, Bulgarian, Polish, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Nigerian, Hindi - and more!  We had an “Around the World” themed menu for school lunch and children took part in lots of activities such as art appreciation of Monet paintings, studying flags from different countries and creating their own flag design, painting French monuments using Pointillism, learning songs in another language to name just a few.

It was brilliant to see the children so engaged in learning other languages and finding out about different cultures.

Well done everyone!

Madame Gilmore


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Upcoming Events

  • January 31, 2019Year 4 Buddhism Workshop
  • February 1, 2019E3 visit to Horniman Museum
  • February 1, 2019Years 1 & 2 Dads' Breakfast - 8am -8.50am
  • February 4, 2019Parents Booking System Goes Live (Click for more info)
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