Sounds-Write Programme

Sounds-WriteSounds-Write is a quality first phonics programme and is acknowledged by the DfE as meeting all its criteria for an effective phonics teaching programme. It is an exciting and highly successful approach to the teaching of reading, spelling and writing. It offers the classroom and special needs teacher an instructional method that is a structured, cumulative, sequential, explicit and code-oriented instructional programme for teaching all children to read and spell.

Sounds-Write’s sound instructional method works effectively because it:

  • can be easily implemented with the minimum of expense, planning and preparation
    provides clearly structured, easy-to-follow lesson plans
  • offers fast and highly effective intervention for children who have fallen behind in their reading and spelling
  • in simple steps shows how the sounds are represented by the writing
  • teaches all three essential skills (blending, segmenting and manipulation) necessary for reading and spelling throughout the programme on a daily basis until all pupils achieve the automaticity that underlies the fluency of every successful reader