School Journey

SJ 2 (1)

Monday: We arrived in the pouring rain, ate our packed lunches and then quickly warmed up with some indoor games and football. Then we settled into our rooms and unpacked before our first room inspection! We had our first delicious dinner (lasagne, beetroot and onion tart or sausages - all with lots of veg and salad options - with waffles and toffee sauce for dessert). Then it was time for RobotWars - our evening activity. We cant wait for tomorrow when we start our first full day of activities.

RobotWars - our evening activity. We cant wait for tomorrow when we start our first full day of activities.

Tuesday: We have had an awesome day today!! After a good night's sleep and an early wake up, we got ready for breakfast. Breakfast was a hit with porridge, cereal, yoghurt, bacon, vegetarian sausages, hash browns and tomatoes to choose from, as well as lots of fruit and orange juice. Lunch and dinner were also highlights with most of us going back for seconds to replenish the energy we have been using.

The weather has held out and it has been mild all day with some sun peaking through. Our first activities have been brilliant and today we went zip-lining, learned how to do archery, and completed a low-ropes course and a buggy building contest (where we really had to use our teambuilding skills). We opened our letters from our families (we loved reading them - thank you!) before dinner and then headed into the woods for story telling and singing around a huge campfire.

Our teachers are sure that we are going to be so tired tonight that we are going to be snoring as soon as our heads hit our pillows!

Wednesday: Today has been another FANTASTIC day on School Journey - the most exciting (and coldest!!) yet. Our teachers had to try a little harder to wake us up this morning as we were so tired from yesterday! We have faced our fears on the climbing wall (we were really brave), used our map reading skills for the orienteering challenge (we loved running around in the woods), developed our trust skills when completing the sensory trail with our friends and worked REALLY hard as a team on Jacob's Ladder which was really tough. Some groups have visited the PGL shop and bought some souvenirs and the rest of us are excited to go tomorrow to use our spending money. This evening, we had a great time completing Passport to the World, where we went on a night time treasure hunt in the woods for flags from all over the world. Ms Connelly, Ms Crosbie, Ms Ousbey, Ms Lyttle, Mr Cole and Mr Brown would like to congratulate the children on how supportive, encouraging and resilient they are being so far!

Thursday: We had the biggest surprise ever this morning when we looked out of the window at breakfast and it was SNOWING! Despite the cold weather, we have all been very resilient and completed all of our activities outside today - we went on the GIANT swing (there was a lot of screaming!), learned how to abseil, completed a challenge obstacle course and really had to get our 'thinking caps' on to work out the problem solving activities. We also had a birthday in our group today so we have celebrated that with lots of singing. We have now all been to the gift shop and have brought some treats (and maybe even a present or two for our families!). Tonight we had our class disco where we sang, danced and had lots of competitions.

We will do most of our packing tonight, ready for coming home tomorrow. Before we come home, we are going to be completing our final challenges: the survivor course and the LEAP OF FAITH. We have had an amazing time but are really excited to come home and see you all. See you tomorrow!