PHSE & Citizenship at Gordonbrock

At Gordonbrock we believe that PSHCE (Personal, Social, health, Citizenship Education) is an integral part of all areas of the curriculum. The high- quality PSHCE teaching equips our children with the knowledge, understanding, attitudes and practical skills to live healthily, safely, productively and responsibly in society.

At Gordonbrock we use an effective model of discrete, regularly taught Circle Time sessions which are taught using half termly objectives and the teacher’s knowledge of the needs of their class. The children at Gordonbrock really enjoy circle time sessions, regularly commenting on how they enjoy sharing and listening to other children’s opinions and experiences.

At Gordonbrock we provide an SRE curriculum based on ‘Christopher Winter Project’. All teaching materials are appropriate to the age and emotional maturity of the pupils concerned and the teachers present the programme in an objective, balanced and sensitive manner.

Sophie Long, PHSE & Citizenship Co-Ordinator

PHSE & Citizenship Expectations

Throughout the year, your child’s attainment will be judged against the criteria set out in the year group-equivalent Standard and Expectations. This on-going judgement will identify what children have achieved and what they need to do next.

The PHSE & Citizenship expectations are available to download here.