Lego Therapy

Lego-Therapy-300x112LEGO Therapy is useful in developing language, communication and interaction skills using LEGO.



What is LEGO Therapy?

  • A structured play activity
  • There are three roles (Architect, Supplier, Builder)
  • Children work together (with an adult to facilitate)
  • An intrinsically motivating activity


Working together to construct a model allows children to practice:

  • Listening and shared attention
  • Sharing and turn taking
  • Co-operation and collaborative problem solving
  • Understanding and following instructions
  • Understanding and using language concepts
  • Giving directions, description and explanations
  • Independence skills – monitoring understanding and seeking clarification


Evidence shows that with weekly small groups there is significant improvement in:

  • Eye contact during free play
  • Less rigid, repetitive behaviour and interests
  • Significant differences between before and after the groups
  • Significant improvement in ratings of ‘social development’
  • Positive social behaviou