Information Prospective Parents

We understand that choosing a primary school for your child is one of the many important decisions that you make as parents and carers, getting the right start to education is vital. At Gordonbrock we are very proud of our school and during the autumn term our children are usually very excited to show prospective parents and carers around their school and show off their amazing learning.

However, due to the Coronavirus Pandemic we have been unable to host our usual open mornings.  Therefore we invite you to find out more about our school using the resources below.

School Prospectus

Dear Parents / Carers,

At Gordonbrock, we focus on providing a safe and nurturing environment where children feel accepted, included and able to take on new challenges. With this in place, we know that we can instil a love of learning in our children.

Our policy and practice is based on what we know about how our brains learn most effectively. Our teaching strategies are ‘brain-friendly’ and provide children with what they need to learn best. We are committed to developing lifelong learners who value and exhibit qualities such as: resilience; aspiration; imagination; confidence and collaboration.

We believe in the creation of a culture in which difficulty is seen, not just as normal, but as beneficial - where mistakes are seen as valuable. A mistake is another learning opportunity and children know that their classrooms are safe places to try new things.

We are committed to fair and equal access to the curriculum for all children, regardless of their starting points and taking into account any additional needs they may have. Our curriculum is inspirational and aspirational; it is creative and engaging.   We plan carefully to ensure that it reflects our children’s backgrounds and experiences. Children have ownership of their own learning and they are given a role in planning a curriculum which reflects their interests and questions.

We are highly aspirational for all of our children and we do whatever it takes to enable them to overcome barriers to their learning. In many cases we have to think, ‘outside the box,’ if we are to ensure that a child maximises his/her potential. We work together to do what it takes, and we do not give up.

All of this is underpinned by our unwavering commitment to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all children. We will act quickly and follow our procedures to ensure children receive early help, effective support, protection and justice in a culture of transparency, openness and, if needed, challenge with regards to maintaining high standards in safeguarding.

Starting school is one of the most exciting experiences your child will ever have.  Our staff team is fully committed to fostering a love of learning in every Gordonbrock child and we welcome you whole heartedly to our community.

Jane Wright, Head of School

Download a copy of our Prospectus Here: Gordonbrock School Prospectus


Our website offers a wealth of information about all areas of the school including: information regarding the curriculum at Gordonbrock Primary School, staff lists, a dedicated page for each year group, copies of letters that have been sent home, copies of the weekly Whole-School Newsletter, the school diary, photo galleries, details of the provision we offer our pupils and much more.  We would encourage all parents to explore our website to find out more about our school.

As well as an important information tool for prospective parents our website is an integreal part of our home school communication and helps to keep parent/carers up to date with what is happening.

We hope that you will enjoy exploring the website and finding out about our wonderful school.

Welcome to Reception 2020

Please take a look at our video that was produced for the Reception children who joined the school in September.  It will give you a flavour of the Early Years provision at Gordonbrock.