Geography and History at Gordonbrock

Children are taught through an enquiry-based approach to apply the skills they have learned to develop an understanding of the world around them as they study different places and times. They use mind maps and individual Learning Journey Portfolios to record their learning and they also make class Learning Journal to demonstrate the activities that they have undertaken in Geography and History lessons.

Both Geography and History subjects are taught as topics and are linked to other curriculum areas. As well as the knowledge that the children gain of the place or time that they are studying, the also develop their skills in each area. In History, the skills are broken down into: chronological understanding, historical enquiry and historical interpretation. In Geography, the skills are broken down into: Location and mapping skills, human and physical features and field work.

We make good use of our local environment and museums, galleries and exhibitions in Central London and children regularly visit Horton Kirby Environmental Centre in Kent.

We regularly review the curriculum to make sure that it is both creative and relevant to our children. The children will be involved in making decisions about how they learn about a topic and how they then present that learning.

Silvia Barber, Curriculum Team Leader

Geography and History Overview by Year Group

Use the links below to find out more about the topics the children learn in each year group.

Geography & History Expectations

Throughout the year, your child’s attainment will be judged against the criteria set out in the year group-equivalent Standard and Expectations. This on-going judgement will identify what children have achieved and what they need to do next.

The expectations for Geography and History are available to download here.