Headstart Project / Resilience

The Headstart project is aimed at improving the mental health of 10-14 years olds in Lewisham. It is funded by the Big Lottery and we became involved through their Collaboratives.

The school has:

  • formed a working party to lead on the project, which includes the Head of School and the Deputy for Inclusion
  • audited the needs of the school using a RAG system, which all staff contributed to and which was analysed externally
  • attended focus groups to help shape the project to the needs of the school
  • held two PDMs with all staff, teachers, support staff, office staff etc.
  • held a parent’s meeting, with another planned
  • signed up for a parent/staff training to enable parent-to-parent support for this aspect.

 As a result:

  • staff are more aware of the issues around children’s mental health, barriers to good mental health and the need to develop resilience. All staff have taken part in activities around their own resilience. They understand that, although there are some clear indicators and obvious causes of poor mental health, in addition, small issues can accumulate to have an impact on someone who might have been, until that moment, able to cope
  • by creating an index of vulnerability, staff have developed their understanding of the full range of issues the children at EB face which can impact on their resilience.       They have been given time to consider the vulnerabilities within their own class and any necessary provision for those individuals with a high level of need at present
  • the whole school has taken part in action planning to improve provision for developing and maintaining children’s resilience in general and identifying when an individual needs extra support.

Therefore the school is more able to provide strength in the aspect of children’s emotional and social development. This work is ongoing with more work planned.

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