Gordonbrock Gallery

Welcome to the Gordonbrock Gallery.  Please have a look at pictures of all the wonderful things we have been doing in school recently.

3D Art Exhibition

In the Spring Term, our whole school Art focus was 3D art. Each Year group studied different 3D artists or different types of 3D artwork and then created our own pieces.  Many of these were linked to the topics we were studying and we learned lots of new skills.

  • Nursery made Recycled vehicles linked to their ‘People Who Help Us’ topic
  • Reception created Recycled 3D sea creatures linked to their plastic waste topic
  • Year 1 took inspiration from Giacometti’s figures for their artwork
  • Year 2 created Betty Woodman-style figures linked to Bollywood dance
  • Year 3 designed Egyptian death masks linked in to Ancient Egyptian History topic
  • Year 4 made Clay Greek pottery linked to The Ancient Greeks History topic
  • Year 5 produced Papier-mâché masks linked to The Ancient Maya History topic
  • Year 6 designed ‘Our place in the world’ clay models linked to their RE unit

We hosted an exhibition of all of our work so that our parents / carers could view our masterpieces.

Thank you to everyone who came and thank you for all of the lovely comments you made in our visitors book. We hope you enjoyed it!

Miss Connelly