End of Year Reports 2019-2020

The report reflects your child’s achievements in all areas of the curriculum with more detail about your child’s progress and attainment against the year group Expected Standards in English, Maths and Science.  We have also commented on your child’s progress in RE – a statutory requirement.

Due to the extraordinary circumstances this year and the partial closure of our school for the summer term, the information in this report reflects your child’s learning, development and achievements up until the end of the spring term.

Use the links below to view this year’s curriculum coverage for your child’s year group as well as the standards for English, Maths and Science.

Standards & Expectations for All Subjects

The list of objectives in English and Maths are for the full academic year.  If some objectives are ticked as ‘working below the expected standard’ for your child, this may be because your child didn’t meet this standard when it was covered and needs further consolidation or it may be because the objective was not fully covered by the end of the Spring Term.  The final assessment for English and Maths is based on whether your child was on track to reach the expected standard at the end of the Spring Term.

The objectives in Science and RE reflect the topics that were taught in the Autumn and Spring term – the objectives for the Summer topics have been removed.

For most year groups, Geography is taught in the Summer Term.  Although we provided home learning to cover your child’s Summer Geography unit, we have not made a judgement on their achievement in this subject, if it was not covered at school.  If this is the case, the row for Geography will be left blank.

As always, the teacher comment outlines strengths and development points for your child’s skills and attitude to learning, as well as social and behavioural skills. The report has been read and signed by a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

As we cannot hold a Parents’ Evening this year, your child’s teacher will be calling you after you have received the report to discuss it with you; this will also give you an opportunity to give us your feedback.