Eco Club

Introducing Gordonbrock's Eco Club

In September 2019 we started an Eco Club.

We have decided that our main priorities are:

  • Making sure everyone understands climate change
  • Making a cleaner school environment
  • Educating everyone on how to have cleaner air in our local area
  • Reducing single plastic use
  • Educating children on endangered animals
  • Being a more sustainable school
  • Recycling

We also had a brainstorming session on ways that we can achieve this and came up with lots of fantastic ideas including running assemblies and charity events, awarding eco-certificates, having a dedicated ‘eco day’, putting an ‘eco tip’ in the Gordonbrock Weekly every week and running a gardening club.

Watch this space for more announcements and to find out more about the work we are doing.

Miss Connelly and the Year 6 Eco Club

Eco Club Blog

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