Eco Club Meeting – 15/11/19

This week we met to set some new priorities for the rest of the half term.

Mrs Barber has joined us in eco-club to help support our initiatives.

In addition to continuing to write our ‘Eco tip of the week’ in the Gordonbrock Weekly, running the litter picking programme in the KS2 playground and updating the Eco Club notice board, we are going to explore the following ideas for the rest of this half term:

  • The possibility of having a Low Power Hour where the whole school will turn off lights and computers to minimise power usage
  • Starting an ‘eco garden’ to grow food that can be donated to local charities and food banks
  • Starting a collection of non-recyclable household/metal items in school to be donated to the ‘Recyclabots’ project – who will come in and deliver some workshops to Key Stage 2 when they collect our donations
  • We will also be starting to organise a cake and small items sale, which we will run after the Christmas holidays in the playground, in order to raise money for a charity that plants trees.

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