Eco Club Meeting 14/01/2020

Eco Club had their first meeting of the term this week to set the agenda for the next 4 weeks.  Our focus areas for this half term are:

Air Pollution: We will be talking to children and advertising to parents the importance of lowering pollution in our local area.  We will be making posters for the Weekly and to go up outside of school to encourage everyone to turn off their engines when they are not moving and to try and walk to school as much as possible.  As part of this focus, we will also be        participating in Walk to School Week from 18th — 22nd May 2020.

Recycling: We will be researching the possibility of becoming a local drop off point for crisp packets, which cannot be recycled in normal recycling bins.  More information to follow.

Climate Learning Week: Monday 10th—Friday 14th February is Climate Learning Week.  We will be planning some interesting and fun activities for classes throughout the school so that we all can learn more about our climate and the reasons and consequences of climate change.

School Garden: In order to get ready for planting in March, we will be asking for donations soon for our Eco Garden.  Keep a look out in the Weekly for more information. 

Eco Tip of the Week: We will continue to publish the Eco Tip of the Week in the Weekly.

Low Power Hour: We will have another Low Power Hour this term.

Mrs Barber, Miss Connelly and the Year 6 Eco Club


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