Eco Club Meeting – 04/10/19

The Eco Club had their first fortnightly meeting this week and discussed our half-term priorities and our fortnightly focus.

This half-term we are going to set up and start running:

  • A weekly ‘Eco Tip Of The Week’ article in the Gordonbrock Weekly: keep your eyes open for some really interesting and practical tips about things you can do at home to become more eco-friendly!
  • A Litter Picking programme: which will be managed by our Year 6 Eco Club and run in conjunction with some Year 4 children.
  • An Eco Club notice board with regularly updated information, tips, news and articles about climate change.

Our fortnightly focus is an assembly for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 that the Eco Club will organise and present in the last week of this half term where they will speak to the school about what climate change means and what we can do to help, as well as introducing the new initiatives that the Eco Club are setting up.


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