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Plastic Packaing for Fruit & Veg

If buying fruit and vegetables from a shop or supermarket, buy loose fruit and vegetables instead of ones that are pre-packaged. Either bring a netting bag, a fabric bag, a reusable bag or an odd box so that you do not need to use plastic bags for the different fruit and vegetables.

Try taking a shower instead of a bath — but make sure it is a short shower!

A five-minute shower can use about a third of the water of a bath. A bath uses, on average, 60 litres of water. Even better, get a ‘shower timer’ to help you make sure you are not wasting too much water. By saving water you will be helping to ensure that there is a sustainable supply as well as protecting the wildlife of rivers

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Plastic Bottles & Plastic Straws

Instead of buying throwaway plastic bottles from the shop, buy a reusable plastic bottle that you can refill whenever you are thirsty.If you are going to use a straw, use a metal straw that you can wash and reuse.