Year 1

Sapphire 1

Mrs Aylward

Miss Pommells (TA)

Sapphire 2

Miss Harris

Mrs Frater (TA)

Sapphire 3

Miss Evans

Miss O'Donnell (TA)

Our Learning

Please use the links below to learn more about the topics we will be learning about this year.

Autumn - Toys

We love playing with toys and now we love learning about them too! We begin this exciting topic by sharing our own favourite toys and then go on to compare them with the toys children played with in the past. We get the chance to handle and look closely at many different toys, observing how they work and the materials they are made from. We also look at inventors of toys, such as the inventor of Lego. Our topic culminates in a Toy Museum that we open for our adults to come and explore the toys that we have made and the things we have learned.

Spring - Homes In The Past

We go through the keyhole in our second history topic to discover what homes were like in the past. We start by looking at the features of our own homes and the homes in our local area by going on a local area walk. Once we are equipped with the vocabulary we need, we begin to learn about and compare the homes, both inside and outside, that people would have lived in a long time ago. We even get the chance to step inside some of these homes from the past, on a trip to the Museum of Kent life.

Food Around The World

Have you ever wondered where all our food comes from? Well we have and this is exactly what we find out in our Year one geography topic. A trip to Horton Kirby helps us to see how some of this food is grown in our own soil. We also link our learning to our Design Technology project by making fruit salads. This topic gives us the chance to explore how weather across the world affects what food is grown where and what conditions fruit and veg needs to grow. We even get the chance to grow some of our own!

Our Learning Letters will keep you informed about what we are doing in class each week.  Please use the links below to access the most recent learning letters.

For more information please visit our curriculum page and context for learning overview.

Home Learning

Thank you for your support with the children’s home learning so far, it really makes a difference!

Reading: Please support your child to read daily at home. An adult should sign and make a comment in the journal each time your child reads.

When reading with your child discuss what he/she is reading. This will help to develop comprehension and reasoning skills as well as enjoyment. Please click here for a list of question to aid you when reading with your child.

Maths: Please practise reading numbers in the environment with your child, as well as counting up and back in different ways.

Children may, on occasion, be given a piece of learning to support their class work.

Indoor PE Outdoor PE
S1 Tuesdays Thursdays
S2 Mondays Wednesdays
S3 Thursdays Mondays

Please ensure that your child has the correct PE kit with them on the days they are scheduled to have a PE Lesson.  To find out more about the PE kit please click here.

Key Stage 1 Handbook

Click on the image below to download a copy of the Key Stage 1 Handbook.

(please note that the 2019/2020 version will be uploaded soon)


To download and print a copy of the handbook click here.