What People Say About Us

the children all had smiles with enthusiasm for the subject


the teachers; inspiring to our children, helping them to love learning and be kind and considerate to others


the staff are so friendly, welcoming and helpful


I’m impressed with the amount of resources, including books, that the children are using


a truly wonderful sense of community


class teachers are always available to deal with queries or questions


staff who are excellent; dedicated, effective, professional, approachable and caring


a very interstingt session.  I liked the variety and different ways of presenting.  I feel I know a lot more than I did before.  My favourite activities were the dancing, quiz and cooked treats.  Well done everyone!


we have been so pleased with our son’s progress – a big thank you to his teachers


sell yourself better! All the amazing things we hear about via the grapevine! Why aren’t they on the website?


very open door


Very pleased to see the children so enthused, excited and engaged with learning.


Both our children absolutely love the school and teachers, they love the creative learning and the exciting and fun way that they have been taught over the years.


what a good, informative event! The Hamantaschen were delicious.  The quiz was very hard and I very much liked the creation wheels.  Well done all of you!


It was really nice to experience how the children’s’ learning environment encourages them to learn and be motivated.  It also also increases their confidence.

it is really safe for the children


we fit together like a jigsaw puzzle


where the children are good at listening


where they work as a team


where they love reading books


where the children behave well


where the children are outstanding on trips


where they work as a team


I loved the opportunity to visit the Year 6 class – they are very articulate young people!

Jackie Jones, Secondary School Improvement Officer, Directorate of Children and Young People


I wanted to thank the staff and students of Emerald 1, 2 & 3 for their outstanding participation, confidence, teamwork, listening, behaviour and performance during our recent workshops with the children.  Some of the children’s five senses poetry about weather was inspiring, and others showed wonderful sense of humour.  For example, one group’s last line was “Sunny weather smells like I’ve burnt bacon!”.  They used both orchestral and classroom percussion instruments to great effect, some of them incorporating melody,  harmony rhythm and even creating A-B-A form.

Linz Ryan, Musical Director of Harmony Sinfonia


Thank you very much for visiting Lullingstone Roman Villa yesterday.  I hope you had a wonderful day.  I hope you had a wonderful day. I just wanted to pass on some feedback from staff saying that behaviour of your students was exceptional and that they engaged with the site in such a fantastic way.

Education Visits Officer, English Heritage


Please thank the two year 6 children who showed me around the school.  They were both charming and informative, and represented Gordonbrock very well.

School Direct Applicant