Sporting Events

Lewisham League Blackheath: 19th January 2019 – 

New Year, New Kit

Gordonbrock 0-0 Rushey Green: Man of the Match: Attal for breaking up play and defending wellThe highlights of this match were: Thomas placing himself well. Great placing of the ball and an excellent   diving save from Alex.  Shai, who got the ball on the centre line and took it to the goal, ending in an attempt to put the ball in the top of the net which was unfortunately saved by the RG goalie. 

Gordonbrock 0-1 Dalmain: Girl of the Match: Maya for finding great positioning. Dalmain team are a tough team to play. They were on the attack all the time and our defence team had their work cut out for the whole match. Honor and Ruby were passing well and a shot by Ruby went just wide of the goal. Millie worked hard to keep the ball out of the net. Meanwhile a great pass from Honor to Kate almost resulted in a goal. This was a good game and the girls were unfortunate that one goal was sneaked through the excellent defence.


Gordonbrock 2-0 Kender: Girl of the Match: Henrietta for speed, work rate and determination. This match saw improved passing. Ruby scored the first goal with a fabulously accurate kick. The excellent play in Kender’s end of the pitch resulted in goal from Maya. Another pass from Honor gave Ruby a chance to score but unfortunately it went just over the top of the goal. We saw the team work that we expect from the girls in this match and, like the boys, they were pleased with the result of their second match.

John Stainer 0-2 Gordonbrock: Man of the Match:Wilbur for bouncing back from injury in the first match to score. Play started at a pace in this match. Attal showed great control and Darius had a shot straight away which went over the top. Milo took the ball down an almost clear pitch and he scored easily.  A pass from Darius to Milo went over the top of the goal and Shai kept hold of the ball  despite three players chasing him. Wilbur was running down the pitch, got the ball and scored as a result of some great teamwork between the boys. This game was a great improvement on the first and a successful end to the first meeting for the boys.

Thanks to the two teams: Millie, Josharnah, Honor (Captain), Ruby, Isabelle, Isabella, Kate, Sophie, Maya, Amelia and Henrietta. Milo, Thomas, Darius, Alfie (Captain), Attal, Shai, Wilbur, Joseph, Alex and Sid. Also to  Jason for coaching the team.

Gill Norris ( PE Coordinator)

Gordonbrock Football Teams Wave Goodbye to 2018 with an Unbeaten Record – Saturday 8th December 2018  

As you can see from the photos it was a sunny start to our morning on Blackheath. Jason had already warned the boys that they should prepare for two tough matches against Downderry and Kender. Both teams won their matches easily on the first Saturday of the season. 

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Gordonbrock  2-2 Downderry: Man of the Match: Sid for great impact and controlling the game. Our boys in defence were kept on their toes by a nippy player on the Downderry team and they managed to get an early goal by sailed the ball over our players’ heads. Joseph made two outstanding saves. As Milllie’s Dad said, ‘The save was superb, he pulled it out of the air.’Attal and Alfie were placing themselves well to get the ball away from our goal. Jason did his inspiring pep talk at half time and the boys really came out fighting. Shai and Sid were trying everything to get a goal. Shai ran with the ball and from some distance, aimed it at the goal. We held our breath as it went slowly over the line into the goal, then,  the supporters erupted into cheers of joy. Downderry’s defence saved another attempt at goal and just as we thought it would be a draw, Shai scored again from a corner and the crowd were ecstatic. We were all relaxing into a certainty that we would win when Downderry sneaked another goal from a corner. It was nearly the end of the match but now it was Alex’s turn to make another excellent save. This was without doubt the most exciting match of the tournaments so far.                 

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Stillness 0-3 Gordonbrock: Girl of the Match: Ruby for two magnificent goals and a special mention for Honor for two assists and a goal. This was an overwhelming defeat by the girls and the result was never in question. Ruby quickly took command of the game and took the ball down the pitch to score the first goal. Amelia was showing her determination to get the ball and was commended for it by Jason. Ruby took the ball again and scored. Honor then made a dash down the pitch to score the third and winning goal and all before half time. The team play throughout this match was exceptional and we saw some outstanding passing to each other between the girls. Millie also stood out in this match for her fearless saves.                   

Kender 0-1 Gordonbrock: Man of the Match: Shai for incredible hold up play as he waited for his team mates to get into position. Thomas also stood out in this match for his ability to get the ball away from the net either with a skilful kick or an  equally skilful header.   Alfie was, once again, defending well. In the first half, we saw Milo take a shot at goal but narrowly miss, however, in the second half he pushed the ball over the line to score the only goal of this match. Darius was also looking for every opportunity, he took the ball on the bounce and sent it to Milo who took a shot which was wide of the goal. 

St William of York 0-0 Gordonbrock: Girl of the Match: Millie for good back distribution. This team pass to each other so well, Honor to Amelia, Amelia to Ruby and we almost had a goal right at the beginning of the match. The girls at the front kept up the pressure, whilst the girls in defence were working hard to keep the ball away from our goal. Unfortunately Ruby was injured and was unable to return to the field, but the girls did not stop trying, Honor managed to bring the ball down the pitch despite pressure from the St William player. She kept on fighting for the ball and had several attempts at goal which were saved. Millie once again bravely saved the ball, at one point she even took the ball from the feet of an opposing player.                                                                                                 

I would say that both teams deserve a round of applause for a marvellous start to the  season. Well done to:Thomas, Alfie (Captain) Sean, Attal, Shai, Joseph, Milo, Darius, Sid, Alex, Wilbur, Honor (Captain), Millie, Ruby, Josharnah, Maya, Isabelle, Kate, Isabella, Henrietta, Amelia and Sophie.

Thanks once again to Jason for coaching the team so brilliantly.

Gill Norris ( PE Coordinator)

Blackheath Lewisham League – 17th November 2018

The sun was shining and we were all excited to start the new season.

Holbeach 0-3 Gordonbrock: Man of the Match: Milo who came on in the second half and made a difference to the team. The pressure was on from the start and the parents on the side lines were amazed at the great team work and confidence of the boys team. Shai was going for goals all the time but it was Wilbur who scored the first goal. Alfie was defending well and Alex provided a safe pair of hands in goal. In the second half Shai was still putting the pressure on and an unlucky try went over the net. But he would not be defeated and scored to make it 2-0. Towards the end of the match Sid sent the ball to Milo who scored the third goal for the team.

Good Shepherd 0-2 Gordonbrock. Man of the Match: Shai for a good work rate and a goal to show for his work. The two goals by Milo and Shai were within the first 5 minutes of this match and we continued to watch from the side-lines in awe of this newly formed team working so well together. Joseph and Thomas were fabulous in defence and Thomas cleared the ball away from the net in a nail biting moment. Darius was on fire in the second half. One parent commented on his amazing skills.

Gordonbrock 2-0 Holbeach: Girl of the Match: Honor for her two astounding goals.  All I can say is this was another amazing  match. All the girls played their parts to keep the ball away from our goal. Millie, stood her ground in the goal and was ably     assisted by the defence team. This  allowed Honor to take the ball and score two goals for the team. Amelia was running with the ball and we look forward to her first goal which will come very soon I am sure.

Stillness 0 –1 Gordonbrock: Girl of the Match: Isabella for a clean sheet and great throws. The girls were looking for a win too after the good start from the boys. They found their feet quickly and Honor had an  attempt at goal which was saved. Mya played well, showing her skills with a nice little back kick. The defence was solid throughout with Isabella chasing every ball. Honor was delighted to score the first goal of the season for her team shortly before the final whistle blew.

Zadie our girls captain for 2017 was with us and she commented on the good team  spirit and said that both teams had started the season with a bang. Jason was very happy with the result and especially happy that no goals were conceded. He said ‘ Every moment is a chance.’

Well done to all the children; Honor (Captain), Alfie (Captain), Isabella, Shai, Ruby,  Darius, Millie, Milo, Sophie, Thomas, Isabelle, Joseph, Amelia, Alex, Maya, Sean, Cate, Sid, Henrietta, Attal, Wilbur and to Jason for so ably coaching these two great teams. Thanks also to the parents who came along to support their talented children.

Gill Norris ( PE Coordinator)

Football Tournament at St Dunstan’s Jubilee Ground – 27th September 2018

This was the first time that the teams have played together and the first football tournament that many of them have been to.

The children were a bit nervous on the way to the venue but were keen to start the matches.

The boys lost their first two matches and then won their final match. The girls drew the first two matches and won the third.


At the end of the tournament, the girls came 2nd and the boys came 3rd. The girls were pleased to receive medals for their achievement.

Well done to: Honor (Captain), Isabella, Millie, Ruby, Maya, Josharnah, Henrietta, Amelia, Alfie (Captain), Shai, Alex, Wilbur, Sidney, Attal, Darius and Milo.

Gill Norris (PE Coordinator)

Gordonbrock World Cup 2018

This year one hundred and fifty children took part in our own World Cup Football Competition. More children than ever before! On Monday 16th we gathered the top teams for the medal presentation.

The successful teams were announced in reverse order, here are the results:

3rd Place:                                                                             

Girls – Columbia: Roberta (Captain), Mariam, Lucy, Dayanna and Pheobe.

Boys – France: Manu  (Captain), Digby, Kyjah, Veshmayan, Darius, Jamal and Jason.

2nd Place:                                                                                                                                                                    

Girls –Uruguay: Honor (Captain), Mia E, Poppy, Olivia and Henrietta.

Boys – Germany: Josh (Captain), Kaliek,  Sydomar, Qasim, Sean, Jeremiah and Aydin.

1st Place:                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Girls – Japan:  Zadie (Captain), Shanon, Maya D,  Molly and Isabelle.

Boys –Nigeria: Kyson (Captain), Wilbur, Brandon, Thomas, Reece, Edward and Amparo.

We also had individual awards:

The Golden Boot:

With 17 goals in total , taking her team to 4th place with these goals.—Marricci.                                                                               

Boys: With 16 goals taking his team all the way to the final, but not quite bringing it home for the first time in two years, two time champion– Josh.                                                                                                                                                           

Goal of the tournament:                                                                                                                                                                                   

Girls: This was an amazing free kick versing Belgium. She was half way down the pitch, but still managed to the ball into the very top corner.—Eva M.       

Boys: For an amazing free kick versing Portugal, to book their place in the semi final. A cheeky, chipped free kick into the top corner.– Isaac.

Player of the tournament:                                                                                                                                                                        

Girls– With great performances throughout, playing in any position and even recognised by team captains who asked her to fill in for absent team members during the tournament. She has also earned herself a  place on the school  football team.– Josharnah. 

Boys – He helped his team throughout the tournament with great performances, giving maximum effort. He scored 7 goals for his team with a few assists along the way. His team went on a ‘best losers’ run all the way to the final and had a clutch performance in the final game after getting injured. He has also earned himself a  place on the school football team– Wilbur.  

A HUGE THANK YOU TO JASON who ran the whole event and refereed every game.

Macaroni Woods Girls Football Weekend – 16th-18th March 2018

When we arrived at Macaroni Woods, we were excited to find our rooms and settle in before the evening meal. Then it was straight down to the sports hall for a penalty shoot-out. One girl from each team got through to the final round and Ruby represented Gordonbrock getting third place. We then went back to the house for hot chocolate and the draw for the 3×3 tournament the next day.

On Saturday morning, Richard (who runs the centre) took us out to feed the pigs, turkeys, guinea fowl and hens. We were also able to gather eggs.

For the 3×3 football competition the teams were given an opportunity to play with girls from the other teams. Usually we all go outside to watch this competition, but it was too cold, so the girls had a chance to get to know each other as they played in the games room. Radha was in the winning team.

The football tournament was after lunch. Even though it was cold, the girls played really well. They were coached by Tony who gave them some good advice which they all listened to. The team won one match, lost the next and drew the final game.

Zadie scored 2 goals and Roberta was the hat trick queen. Because we had scored more goals than Beecroft we went through to the 1st and 2nd play-off against Dalmain, but after a tense game the score was 0-0. So it was penalty time to decide the winner. We all held our breath as Ruby took over from Millie. Two of the shots went either side of the goal and Ruby saved three penalties, so Dalmain didn’t score. For our side, Zadie and Radha both scored and so we won the tournament 2-0 on penalties.

In the evening we had a presentation ceremony and the girls were given their awards. Radha received her award for winning the 3×3 tournament; Roberta got the magic moment award for being determined to score and celebrating with a beaming smile and a cheer when she did. Ruby received the Gordonbrock player of the tournament award for playing outstanding football throughout all day. The team were then awarded the winning trophy and medals.

Unfortunately it snowed overnight and so the girls were not able to use the outdoor area on Sunday morning, but they did have extra time to play with their new friends before we drove home. We all had a fun filled and very successful weekend.

Congratulations to the champion team: Zadie (Captain), Ruby, Roberta, Radha, Marricci, and Millie.

Gill Norris (PE Coordinator)

Elm Lane Football Tournament – 14th March 2018

The boys were a little nervous on the bus, but as soon as the first match got underway the nerves seemed to disappear.

Gordonbrock 4-1 Perrymount: There was no stopping our team. From the very beginning Jun’ai and Darius were pushing forward. Darius scored two and Jun’ai also scored two. Jun’ai showed a very mature attitude when Jason was going to allow a goal but Jun’ai was honest and said that he hadn’t scored.

Gordonbrock 4-0 Dalmain: Sid scored two goals in this one and showed an ability to stop and think about his shot before placing it firmly into the goal. George defended well in this game. Darius and Jun’ai scored one goal each.

Gordonbrock 6-0 Horniman: Sean and Oliver played well in defence. Ollie kept the pressure on throughout the match. Jun’ai scored 21 seconds into the match. At 58 seconds Darius scored the second with an excellent strike. Darius scored goal number three at 3 mins 26 seconds. Then Jun’ai had a shot and Leo followed it up to score goal number 4 at 3 mins 58 seconds. Jun’ai scored again at 4 mins 38 seconds and Leo continued to make great passes, finishing the match by scoring the sixth goal at 6 mins 37 seconds.

Gordonbrock 1-0 Rathfern: This was the toughest match by far. Rathfern were very good in defence. It took until 6 minutes and 37 seconds into the game for Jun’ai to break through and score our only goal of the match. Matthew had to work really hard to stop the goals in this match.

As we gathered for the final scores, Glen Burt who runs the tournaments said that she had seen an outstanding standard of football.

The final positions were:
5th Perrymount
4th Horniman
3rd Dalmain 8 points
2nd Rathfern 9 points
1st Gordonbrock 12 points

Well done to Jun’ai, Darius, Sid, Leo, Sean, Oliver, Ollie, George and Matthew.

A special well done to Jason as this is now Gordonbrock’s third tournament win this year.

Thank you to all the parents who came along to support the team and a special thanks to Mrs Barber who also came to support the boys. She gave us the accurate times of when the boys scored their goals.

Gill Norris (PE Coordinator)

Multi skills Festival – 21st February 2018

We arrived at Sydenham School to see the enormous hall set up with lots of different activities for the children to try. It was exciting to see the curling and boccia, which were games we had heard of but never had the opportunity to play. Glen Burt, who runs the tournaments introduced us to three young leaders who showed us how to play each game.

The children sat on a bench to do the curling, using a special stick to push the stone along. As we didn’t have ice the stones had special wheels. All the children improved at this skill as they played, but Sean learned not to push too hard so that he could hit the target. We played boccia, which is a bit like bowls. Lin and Jason were the most competitive players. When we moved on to the basketball it was Canigio who was able to score baskets. In the time the children were at this station, he really improved his skills. All the group enjoyed seated volleyball, it was fun to watch too. There was an opportunity for the team to practice their throwing skills by aiming at a target with a bean bag. The last game to try was hockey which all the children enjoyed. This group were a pleasure to take to the festival, they were well behaved and polite towards the young leaders. It was a treat to see their smiles and the effort that they put into improving at each skill.

Well done to everyone that took part.

Thank you to Jason and Lin who came along to support the team.

Gill Norris (PE Coordinator)

Lewisham League Football – 13th January 2018


There was a good feeling on Blackheath on Saturday.

The boys went off together and organised their own warm up and the girls did the same. It was positive start to the day.

Baring v Gordonbrock 0-3: Man of the Match : Josh for the first three goals of the New Year. Alfie was defending well and clearing the ball. Heath was also keeping an eye on the ball. Josh took the ball and scored a brilliant goal. We saw some accurate passing. Isaac held his own in the goal and his long kicks down the pitch were fabulous to watch. In the second half Shai and Alex came onto the field. The team continued to apply pressure and good passing enabled Josh to score two more outstanding goals. What a great start to the New Year. The coach from Baring told Jason that Gordonbrock boys were the best team they have played this season.

Gordonbrock v John Ball 3-2: Girl of the Match: Radha for outstanding play in defence. Encouraged by the boy’s outstanding win Zadie quickly scored the first goal. Radha was playing well in defence. John Ball scored, but Ruby passed the ball to Marricci who took it to score our second goal. In the second half John Ball managed to score their second goal. Millie saved a goal and accurately threw the ball down the pitch to her players. Sophie was fearless in defence. Our team did not give up and good passing meant that Marricci was well placed to score making another win for Gordonbrock.

Gordonbrock v Kender 3-3: Man of the Match: Jerrell for fearless defence for the whole match. Kender had an excellent goal keeper and although the boys got the ball to the goal and Josh scored Gordonbrock were 3-1 down at half time. Jason encouraged the boys and gave them advice as to what to do. They started the second half with a very positive attitude. Our girls changed roles and became cheer leaders, they stood at the side of the pitch cheering the boys on. Josh was fighting for the ball and Kyson scored. Manu was using his powerful running to get the ball in the correct position. We watched Kyson bring the ball up the pitch, stop and position himself, look for the goal and score a fantastic goal. Millie’s Dad was watching with me and commented on how professional his play is. 

Dalmain v Gordonbrock 0-4: Girl of the Match Marricci for being a champion goal scorer. This game saw the girls in winning mood. Marricci took the ball down the pitch and scored a great goal. Then Ruby scored from a good position and made us all cheer. The rest of the team were playing well. Honor took every opportunity to take the ball. Marricci scored once again, giving us a 3-0 lead at half time. Jason’s talk began with ‘What’s going well?’ The girls named lots of things and then he said “Lets just say everything!” The girls returned to the pitch feeling proud and with more good team play Marricci was able to score her hat trick to win the match easily.

Well done to both teams for fabulous play: Sophie. Marricci, Zadie (Captain), Millie, Ruby, Radha, Ulhana, Honor, Isabella, Alfie, Shai, Josh, Jerrell, Heath, Manu, Isaac, Kyson (Captain), and Alex.

Gill Norris (PE Co-Ordinator)

Lewisham League Football – 9th December 2017

Sunshine flooded the pitches as we arrived at Blackheath on Saturday morning. It was nice to see the girls and the boys playing football together before we went off for our first match.

Gordonbrock 1-0 Eliot Bank: Man of the Match: Manu for keeping his head up and for maximum effort.Having beaten Eliot Bank at a tournament at Elm Lane, the boys went into this match with a strong feeling that they could win and this was their downfall. It seems that the Eliot Bank team have improved since they last played. Although Josh scored the only goal and Shai and Jerrell all had a shot at goal, only Manu and Isaac played consistently well throughout the game. So with a safe goalie and a boy with a sure shot, Eliot Bank beat us fair and square.

Gordonbrock 0-3 Edmund Waller: Girl of the Match: Roberta for never giving up on trying to score.Edmund Waller are the undefeated team at the top of the girls table. They haven’t conceded any goals as yet. Throughout the match the girls put up a good fight. In the first half there was really no difference between the teams, but as time went on, despite excellent defence from Radha, Ruby and Isabella, they managed to sneak three goals past our excellent goal keeper. Roberta tried really hard to score and was very close at least three times.

Good Shepherd 0–2 Gordonbrock: Man of the Match: Shai for great goal scoring and team play. It is tricky to carry on playing after two losses and the boys were a bit slow getting going in this match. However, after the first goal from Kyson, the boys got a new lease of life and gave their best effort. Shai scored the second goal for our team. Alex was keeping his eye on the ball and saving well and his kicks from the goal across the pitch were well placed. Here is a quote from Manu “ Shai and Joshua are working well and Kyson and Henry are playing outstandingly.”

Eliot Bank 0-2 Gordonbrock: Girl of the Match: Honor and Zadie for great team work and passing shots. Zadie scored two goals in this match, one into an open goal. She also managed to put the ball through the legs of one of the defenders which looked very skilful. Jason was impressed with the girls in this match. He said “ There was maximum effort by the girls and they all pushed themselves to their fullest. Having no subs meant they were tired, but they still gave it their all until the final whistle.” So we end the year with one win and one loss for each team. We look forward to the 13th January when the teams will play again.

Well done to Shai, Ruby, Manu, Roberta, Henry, Alex, Isaac, Radha, Kyson (Captain), Zadie (Captain), Alfie, Isabella, Jerrell, Heath, Josh, Honor, and Millie. Thank you to Jason for coaching the team and refereeing the matches.


Gill Norris (PE Co-Ordinator)

Speed Bounce – December 2017

The Speed bounce competition took place at lunch time over a number of days. The rules of the competition were to jump over a speed bounce for 20 seconds.

The results have now been sent to Glen Burt who will compare them with the results of other schools and find overall winners in the inter schools competition.

Many thanks to the girls who ran the competition: Zadie, Roberta, Kimberley, Honor, Millie and Rose.

Gill Norris (PE Co-Ordinator)

Lewisham League Football – 25th November 2017

Here are the result from this weeks matches:

Downderry v Gordonbrock 2-5: Joint Men of the Match: Josh and Kyson for team work and goal scoring. There was a scuffle by the goal posts early on in this match quickly followed by the first goal from Kyson. Perfect timing resulted in a pass from Kyson to Josh who confidently put the ball in the back of the net. After a brilliant save by Isaac, Kyson got the ball again and ran up the pitch showing outstanding ball control. At this point a parent from Downderry said to me, “They are such a good little team. They know all the dribbling moves and everything”. Just before half time, Manu had a near miss, the sun was in his eyes and he unfortunately hit the post. Downderry scored just after half time, then Josh also narrowly missed a goal. Shai controlled the ball well to place it squarely in the back of the net to score goal number three. The fourth and fifth goal came from Josh, giving him his first hat trick of the season.

Gordonbrock v St Winifreds 1-0: Girl of the Match: Zadie for a unruffled penalty.
The girls team got off to a good start with Zadie and Roberta passing well. Roberta had several attempts at goal but they didn’t quite get over the line. At this point I had to go and look for a lost bag, so Heath’s Mum carried on the report, ’ Great defending by Radha – big strong passes down the field – half time 0-0.’ Luckily we recovered the lost bag and I was back to see Zadie’s penalty shot just after half time. Marricci was passing well and very nearly scored a goal and Ulhana also had a good match in defence.

Gordonbrock v Holy Cross 2- 0: Man of the Match: Isaac for brave goal keeping.
Jerrell and Henry showed their ability to work as a team in defence during this match and there were two early but unfortunately wide attempts at goal from Joshua and Manu. Isaac bravely came out of the goal to stop the ball but sustained an injury to his knee which stopped him playing. Jerrell was great in defence, Heath came in from the outside to score an excellent goal. Shai scored a brilliant goal after a well fought corner. At the last minute a epic save from Alex.

Baring v Gordonbrock 1-0: Girl of the Match: Millie for brave goal keeping.
Roberta continued to get the ball and take it to the goal, and we saw some good marking and pressure on the other players. Marricci showed good control then ran up the pitch with the ball. Zadie also showed her dribbling skills during this match. Millie saved the ball at least three times by putting herself in a good position to stop Baring from scoring. Isabella and Radha had their work cut out in defence but they did not hesitate to tackle when they needed to. The two teams were very well matched and as Zadie’s Mum said “They were unlucky to concede the goal.”

Well done to: Josh, Zadie (Captain), Isaac, Millie, Kyson (Captain), Radha, Shai, Isabella, Henry, Roberta, Jerrell, Marricci, Heath, Ulhana, Alex, Ruby, Manu, Honor, Alfie and Sophie who joined our team this week.

Thank you to Jason for coaching the team and a special thank you to Alex’s Dad for helping Isaac across the heath to his Mum’s car. We all wish Isaac a swift recovery from his injury.

Gill Norris (PE Co-Ordinator)


Lewisham League Football at Blackheath – 11th November 2017

A cold mist greeted us as we arrived on Blackheath for the first matches of the year. The girls and boys were keen to get going and there was lots of support from parents and we were pleased to see our injured captain Zadie arrive to support her team.

Gordonbrock Boys v Coopers Lane 3-0: Man of the Match: Kyson for three goals. We witnessed excellent team work from the start with Josh and Kyson playing like machines. Kyson scored a hat-trick, ably assisted by Josh. At the other end of the pitch Isaac showed his bravery by running out to wrestle the ball from a member of the Coopers Lane team.

All Saints v Gordonbrock Girls 2-0: Girl of the Match Radha for great defence. This was the first match that the girls had played on a full size pitch. All Saints were a good team and although Millie was very strong in goal and Isabella and Radha were defending well they still managed to slip two goals into the net.

Holbeach v Gordonbrock Boys 1-0: Man of the Match Josh for great attacking play. The play in the first half was all around the Holbeach goal, but unfortunately for our boys they had an unbeatable goalie. He was tall and seemed to be able to reach any ball that came near the goal. There were so many opportunities for our boys so we were all disappointed by this result.

Gordonbrock Girls v Torridon 1-2: Girl of the Match: Jason said that all the girls played so well it was not possible to pick a girl of the match for this one. The girls really got into their stride in this match and we saw some really good team play. Marrici tackled well and we saw a close shot from Roberta, followed up quickly with a goal from Marrici. Despite excellent defending from Radha and Isabella, Torridon scored a goal. Passing between players was much better in this match and Roberta and Honor played well. Unfortunately Torridon managed to score another goal. But the final score did not reflect the effort that the team put into this match and we are looking forward to great things the next time we go to Blackheath. The boys, who stayed to watch were very complimentary about the way the girls were playing.

Well done to: Kyson (Captain), Josh, Heath, Henry, Manu, Isaac, Jerrell, Shai, Alex, Alfie, Honor (Captain), Ruby, Roberta, Isabella, Radha, Ullhana, Maricci and Millie.

Elm Lane Football – 12th October 2017

There were approximately 120 pupils taking part in this tournament and we were all keen to get started.

The girls were nervous at the beginning as this was the first time that they had played together as a team. The girls won the first match with ease, but then had a tough match against Dalmain. After that they had a draw, a loss and finished up with a 2-0 win. Goals were scored by Zadie, Honor and Roberta.


The boys had a win, a draw, a loss and then won the last two matches. Goals were scored by Kyson, Joshua and Heath.

Gill Norris (PE Co-Ordinator)

Please find below a Tournament Report from Lewisham Sports Co-Ordinator.

Football 5 & 6 2017 SYD FH GB


Sports Hall Athletics Tournament – 28th September 2017

Our team was two boys down as we left for this tournament. Although we had high hopes for the children who were in the team, we knew that we could not compete in all the events as each team member can only enter a maximum of 2 track and 2 field events.
Jason and I calculated carefully which field events would be the best for the boys’ team to miss. We also worked out that they would have to miss the 4×2 lap relay. The children all tried their best with the field events which included chest push, soft javelin, standing long jump and speed bounce.

We then came to the most exciting part, the track events. We had used the results from sports day to see who had won their races so we knew that we had some excellent runners. However, we were still surprised at the amazing success of the team. Here are the results.

Event Girls Position Boys  
1+1 lap relay Maya, Ulhana 2nd Heath,Jeremiah 2nd
2+2 lap relay Zadie, Aaliyah 1st Kyson, Marcell 2nd
4×1 lap relay Olivia, Marricci, Marlee, Mia 1st Jerrell, Kyson, Dre, Marcell 1st
4×2 lap relay Maya, Aaliyah, Zadie, Mia 1st    
Mixed Relay 4×1 lap relay Marricci, Olivia, Jerrell, Dre 2nd    

As you can imagine we were all thrilled with these results.  Jason thought that even with a small team we should have 2nd place. We all sat and held our breath as we waited for the results which were announced in reverse order.

5th with 70 points St Michaels,

4th with 78 points Kilmore,

3rd with 108 points Perrymount,

2nd with 122 points Rathfern,


What an amazing start to 2017/18.

Well done to Aaliyah, Zadie, Olivia, Marricci, Marlee, Mia, Maya, Ulhanna, Dre, Marcell, Jerrell, Kyson, Heath and Jeremiah.

Gill Norris (PE Co-Ordinator)


Gordonbrock World Cup

Our lunchtime tournament ended on Friday with the finals. The two best teams were Mexico and Brazil. Both sides started off strong with the captains going all out to win. It was a really exciting match. We saw lots of football skills and both teams played well.

Jason our sports coach kept a sharp eye out as referee.

The final score was 4-2 to Brazil. Both teams were given their  medals by Gill and then came together for a celebratory photograph.

Congratulations to the winners: Brazil- Joshua (Captain), Ulhana , Shai, Molly, Abdi , Honor and Rose.

Well done to runners up: Mexico – Justice (Captain), Dana, Rexi, Ke’marr, Bobby, and Maya D (This team did not lose a match until the final game).

Equal third place was taken by:

Canada-Malachi(Captain), Chelsea, Yanic, Adnan and Teanna & Switzerland-Henry N (Captain),  Albie, Taylor, Mithushiga, Alex, Haneela  and Jayden.

I would also like to mention Ben who very thoughtfully suggested that although Justice had lost the final match, he should still have a gold medal because his team had won every other game they had played. Justice was very pleased with his medal and he gave Ben a warm embrace to say thank you.

Once again this has been a very successful tournament. This year we had twenty two teams, with a total of 132 children taking part.

A HUGE THANK YOU TO ASA who ran the whole event and refereed every game up to the final match.

Gill Norris (PE Co-Ordinator)


Mary Bennett Shield – 29th April 2017

We welcomed a new player to our team for the final few matches of this year.

We were due to play three matches at the start of the Mary Bennett Shield competition. However, Rushey Green were unable to compete.

John Stainer v Gordonbrock 0-3: We were less than a minute into the match and Albie scored a goal. We were all thrilled and the team then went from strength to strength. There was great passing from player to player and a real energy on the field. Henry was committed to defending our goal. In the second half there was lots of play around the goal which resulted in a stunning header from Manu. Heath finished the match with a lovely touch from the corner which hit the post and went in. This was a good start.

Sandhurst v Gordonbrock 1-0: We had seen Sandhurst play earlier in the morning and knew that this was going to be a tough match. Nevertheless, our team got off to a good start showing excellent tackling from Kye and Kyson, good passing from Heath and Manu and amazing goal keeping and long kicks down the pitch from Stanley. In the end the team from Sandhurst were just too strong and they scored one goal against us which was all they needed to go on to the semi final where they beat St Philip Neri. They will now compete in the final of the Mary Bennett Shield against Rathfern.

So that brings us to the end of the 2017 season. Next year our team will be minus Stan and Kye who will be leaving Gordonbrock and we wish them well in their new schools.

Well done to Stan, Kye, Josh, Heath, Kyson, Henry, Manu and Albie.

Thank you to Jason for coaching the team and to all the parents who came to support the boys.

Gill Norris (PE Coordinator)

Lewisham Swimming Gala – 17th March 2017

Jason and I were looking forward to a long, but, successful evening on Friday. There was quite a long wait after the warm up and, as usual, a few problems with the electronic board, which didn’t always record the correct times. However, compared to previous years, everything ran reasonably smoothly. The children were ready for a long wait and came prepared with books and snacks.

The results of the HEATS were as follows:





























































































The Swimming Team 170317

The Swimming Team

The results of the Finals were as follows:
















Year 5 Freestyle

Year 6 Freestyle

Year 6 Freestyle

Year 5 Backstroke

Year 5 Backstroke

Year 6 Backstroke

Year 6 Backstroke

Year 5 Butterfly

Year 5 Butterfly

Year 6 Butterfly

Year 5 Breaststroke

Year 5 Breaststroke

Year 6 Breaststroke





























We also had an amazing result in the mixed medley relay, Ela, Katie, Jimmy and Henry thrilled the crowd with their stunning display of swimming skills. Gordonbrock looked untouchable as they powered up the pool. The time for the Gordonbrock team was 1:19.40. St Dunstans were 2nd with a time of 1:27.94.

At the end of the tournament, Gordonbrock had 4 Gold Medals, 1 Silver Medal, 2 Bronze Medals and a Team Gold Medal for the relay. This made us the second best school in Lewisham with 77 points. The winning team was St Dunstans with 105 points. We are very proud of the whole team.

Thankyou to Jason and to all the parents who came along to support the children.

I would like to mention two swimmers who excelled at their chosen strokes and won all four of the individual gold medals and contributed to the victory in the relay, Katie and Ela, you are the GORDONBROCK STAR SWIMMERS.

Well done to the whole team: Katie, Ela, Jimmy, Henry, Ella, Iris, Perry, Rosie, Isabel, Olivia, Zadie, Prethiya, Sam and Mia.

GIll Norris (PE Co-ordinator)

Blackheath – 4th March 2017

We had two matches, the final league match and a friendly.

Gordonbrock v All Saints 1-1: Man of the Match: Kye, for exceptional work rate and filling a position where he is not used to playing. It took the boys about five minutes to find their feet and begin to play as a team again. Heath then played as if his life depended on getting a goal. First, he missed scoring from a free kick. I actually missed his goal as I was busy tying shoe laces, but luckily Henry’s dad was able to describe it for me: “Heath ran down the edge and put it in the top corner, brilliant..”. In the second half we had attempts at goal from Joshua, Heath and Manu. There were lots of bobbles on the pitch and Kye pointed out: “Manu was about to score a goal but the ball hit a bobble..” Unfortunately, as a result of an unfortunate miskick the other team scored a goal and so the final score was one all.

Baring v Gordonbrock 2-0: Man of the match: Kyson for 100% effort through the whole game.
As this was a friendly, Jason tried some of the boys in positions that they are not used to, so that he could gauge their talents. When the first goal was scored some of the team became disheartened and we were all disappointed when the team conceded a second goal. However, this match does not count towards our final position in the league.
Paul Harper, who runs the league will publish the final positions soon and I will put them in the newsletter when I get them. At present, we are 6th, which means that we do not qualify for the Championship Cup. But, we will enter the Mary Bennett Shield. Gordonbrock won this trophy two years ago and Jason already has his sights set on bringing it home to Gordonbrock this year. I am sure that we can do it too. Watch this space.

Well done to the boys: Kye, Kyson, Stanley, Joshua, Henry, Manu, Isaac and Heath.

Thank you to Jason for coaching the team and a special thank you to the parents who bring their boys to the heath and to the heroic parents who then stay to support the team, we couldn’t do it without you.

Gill Norris (PE Co-ordinator)

Blackheath – 28th January 2017

This was Grahams last day on Blackheath with us and the team were determined not to let him down.

10 am Stillness v Gordonbrock 0-0: Man of the Match: Kyson for fantastic defensive positioning and fearless defending.

Stillness are 4th in the league, only one above us and the teams were fairly evenly matched. The boys seemed to have lots of energy, especially Kyson who was playing on top form. He listened to Graham’s advice throughout the match and chased down every ball. Kye was also playing really well. Stan was his usual self in goal. His safe hands kept the ball out of our net and his kicks down the field continue to take our breath away.

11am Gordonbrock v Tidemill 0-0: Man of the Match: Jerrell for his fearless and dogged determination to get the ball.

Tidemill are 2nd in the league, so should have been the better team. However, Jerrell was fighting for every ball, as was Kye. There were many headers in this game, including one from Isaac to clear the ball away from the goal area. Kyson continued to show a lot of energy on the pitch, chasing the Tidemill players to get the ball. Jerrell was in competition with Tidemill’s number 8 and there was no doubt who was going to win. Joshua had a try at goal and was unlucky not to score. Meanwhile Stan stood firm in the goal and did not let anything through. After half time, Kye, Jerrell and Kyson continued to chase every ball. Joshua ran after a long kick from Stanley. He controlled the ball well but just missed scoring a goal. Graham was happy with the results and the boys were pleased with their performance.

Well done, Jerrell, Kyson, Henry, Isaac, Manu, Stanley, Joshua and Kye.

Thank you, Graham for the time you have put into coaching the boys and all your support for the sporting children of Gordonbrock School. You will be much missed.

Gill Norris (PE Co-ordinator)

Kids Cup Tournament at Millwall – 19th January 2017 Sports-Hall Athletics Thunderdome – 15th December 2016

Kids Cup Tournament 190117

Henry, Stan, Heath, Joshua, Jerrell, Manu, Kyson and Isaac were excited to be playing at such a big venue. They were feeling positive about the day. There were sixteen teams split into two groups. We were in group B on pitch 2.

St James Hatchem v Gordonbrock 0-0: Heath was strong in defence for this one and Jerrell and Joshua kept up the pressure.

Gordonbrock v Dalmain 1-0: This match saw a good passing shot from Manu and a goal from Kyson. Stan as usual did a fabulous job in the goal.

Gordonbrock v Rathfern B 1-0: The boys were on a roll now. Kyson’s try at goal hit the post and Jerrell’s went over the top. Eventually Kyson’s pass to Isaac fabulous job in the goal.

Gordonbrock v Rathfern B 1-0: The boys were on a roll now. Kyson’s try at goal hit the post and Jerrell’s went over the top. Eventually Kyson’s pass to Isaac resulted in a goal. After the match Kyson said ‘I’m impressed with my ball skills.’ Stan continued to save well and defend our goal with gusto. Coaches from other teams came to comment on his skills. The coach from Dalmain said ’Have we got a new Claudio Bravo in goal?’

St Francis Drake v Gordonbrock 0-1: Joshua scored our goal, Jerrell showed strong play and Isaac was tackling well.

Rangefield v Gordonbrock 0-0: Rangefield were a good team and Stan had his work cut out in the goal. Graham was so impressed, that, after this match he said. ‘You will not find a better goalkeeper than Stan in all these schools.

Holy Trinity v Gordonbrock 1-0: I am sure that you can imagine the boys disappointment when they lost this one. But as Graham said, they had only conceded one goal in the whole tournament.

Gordonbrock v New Woodlands 2-0: Joshua scored both of these goals. He was determined to win this one. That was the end of the group matches and we then waited to hear if our wins were enough to put us through to the semi final. We were all delighted to hear that the team were runners up in Group B and would play the winners of Group A.

Gordonbrock v Hatcham Wood 1-0: Kyson scored in the first 2 seconds and then Joshua’s pass to Manu resulted in Grahams favourite goal of the match because it was from a header .

Kids Cup Tournament 190117 2

So now we were through to the final.

All the other teams left to go home. So only two teams with their coaches and a few people from Millwall remained at the venue, and the final was a very quiet game. Unfortunately, the winners of our group, St James Hatchem, scored a goal in the first few seconds, and try as they might our boys were not able to equalise and so we ended the tournament as runners up. The boys were rather disappointed as they were so close to winning the cup. But as a team they achieved second place in a tournament where sixteen teams competed. They conceded only two goals and won or drew six of their eight matches, they can be extremely proud of their achievement. Well done Gordonbrock.

Gill Norris (PE Co-ordinator)

Blackheath 14th January 2017

No wind on Saturday meant that it wasn’t as cold as expected, but it was definitely a day for wearing thermals. We welcomed Kye as a new player to our team this week and we were happy to have Miss Drummond join us on the heath to watch the boys play.

10.30am Gordonbrock v John Ball 3-0: MOTM: Kye for good positioning and always getting to the ball first.
The team took a while to get going at the beginning of this match. The other team quickly scored and a penalty against Gordonbrock gave them a 2-0 lead. Although the boys began to play with more gusto towards the end of the first half with both Kye and Kyson having a try at the goal, John Ball was 3-0 up when the whistle blew. In the second half the boys began to play as a team and we saw a solid defence of the goal and some exciting play. However, there were no more goals and so we lost the first match.

10.30am St William of York v Gordonbrock 0-2: MOTM: Heath for a goal from a header which is unheard of in junior football and for good positioning on the field.

The team were cheered on throughout the match by some very supportive parents and the boys played well from the start. In the second half, our team were putting constant pressure on St William’s gaol until Heath scored with a header. Not long after this amazing goal we saw some excellent passing from several players which resulted in a goal from Joshua.

Well done to Henry, Kye, Kyson, Manu, Stanley, Joshua, Heath and Jerrell. Thanks to Graham for coaching the team.

Sports-Hall Athletics Thunderdome – 15th December 2016

Sports Hall Athletics - 151216
Graham and I decided to invite a group of athletes made up of some children who have already taken part in sports hall athletics and some children who are new to sporting events.

Fifteen teams from all over Lewisham came together to compete at the Thunderdome at Millwall Football Ground.

Each child competed in two field and two track events and they all tried their best. The highlights of the tournament were Chenai’s vertical jump, Stan’s running skills and Chelsea’s determination and effort.

At the end of the tournament our team were 12th out of 15 teams with 298 points. The winners were Brindishe Green but we were not told how many points they had. Several children were presented with certificates for showing exceptional talents and we were delighted to see Iris win the certificate for Team Work. Our team were only a little down hearted about the result and all of them enjoyed taking part and having a go.

Thank you to Graham for coaching the team.

Well done to: Isabel, Malachi, Chelsea, Chenai, Iris, Orla, Albie, Ulhana, Ruby, Stan C, Sammy, Kye, Stan B, Jessie, Felix and Oliver.

Gill Norris (PE Co-ordinator)

Blackheath 12th November 2016

blackheath football match 121116

Our first match of the year was played in the rain. This was not a good start to the season.

10 am Eliot Bank v Gordondbrock 0-2: We began with only six boys on our team, but by half time we were up to seven and by the end of the first match we had a complete team. The boys (named The Wet Bandits by Graham) got off to a good start and Joshua was able to put us in the lead by scoring two goals before the end of the first half. One goal made us all gasp, Stan kicked the ball from one end of the pitch and it hit Joshua on the back of the head. Joshua ran round the ball and kicked it into the goal. As you can imagine there was a flurry of applause from the parents. In the second half there was pressure from our side all the time but the score remained at 2-0

Man of the Match: Stan for good distribution and command of the defence.

11 am Gordonbrock v Kender 1-3: Kender was a more formidable opponent and our team were under pressure from the beginning. Joshua tried to score and Stan continued to do a good job as goal keeper. Kyson scored, but after a brave save by Stan, Kender scored back. They then went on to score two more goals. Our boys kept trying to get the ball in Kender’s net, Joshua tried again from a pass from Sammy and Isaac pushed it just over the goal. In the end it was a win for Kender.

Man of the Match: Isaac for being able to adapt and play centre back in both matches. Quote from Graham: ‘He is the most versatile player on the pitch.’

The boys made a good start and we know that they will work on improving every time they play. Thank you to Graham for coaching the team. Well done to: Isaac, Stanley, Kyson, Joshua, Henry, Manu, Sammy and Jerrell.

Gill Norris (PE Coordinator)

Macaroni Woods Girls Football Weekend – 28th to 30th October 2016

We arrived safely after a long journey but there wasn’t any time to relax. After an evening meal, we all went down to the sports hall for a penalty shootout. It was a tense competition and the girls tried hard to get as many goals as possible. In the end we were pleased to see Chenai triumph to win the competition.

Girls Football Team - Macaroni Woods Oct 2016 collecting Eggs

After breakfast, Richard (who runs the centre) took us out to feed the pigs, turkeys, guinea fowl and hens. We were also able to gather eggs.

Girls Football Team - Macaroni Woods Oct 2016 ready to play

At ten we were ready to start our 3×3 football competition. All the girls were mixed up for this and it was a good opportunity for them to get to know girls from the other teams.  Haneela was in the winning team, she scored a goal from all the way down the pitch and she also scored the winning penalty.

After lunch it was time to play as a team in the football tournament. The girls played really well. They won two out of their three matches and then went through to the final. Unfortunately they were unable to keep the striker from Holbeach away from the goal and so their final position was runner up. Dalmain came third and Beecroft were fourth.

Girls Football Team - Macaroni Woods Oct 2016

In the evening we had a presentation ceremony and the girls were given their awards. Haneela received her award for winning the 3×3 tournament, Zadie got an award for a magic moment when she scored a hat-trick and Katie received the Gordonbrock player of the tournament award for heading the ball at every opportunity. Then the team were awarded the runners up cup and medals.

Girls FootbalL Team - Macaroni Woods Oct 2016 quad bikes

The next morning after breakfast the girls had free time to ride quad bikes, play in the adventure playground and gather more eggs. We all had a fun filled weekend.

Gill Norris (PE Team Leader)

Elm Lane Football Tournament – 10th October 2016

It was a treat to take two teams to the tournament. The girls team is newly formed and the boys team has two new members.

The girls played three matches and they really went from strength to strength. As they got to know how each member played they settled into their space and began to play like a team. Isabel was bravely defending the goal and Haneela played strongly in defence. Chenai, Katie and Saskia played really well in midfield and Zadie kept up the pressure as striker. The girls were well supported by Chania’s mum and Haneela’s mum, who cheered with gusto throughout the tournament. Goal scorers were Zadie and Katie.

The boys team played four matches. They didn’t get into their stride straight away but like the girls they improved with every match. Graham reminded the boys how important it is to listen to him and he awarded Man of the tournament to Manu because he was willing to listen to and act on Grahams advice. Goal scorers were Isaac and Manu.

Well done to both teams and thank you to Graham for coaching the teams.

Gill Norris (PE Team Leader)

Girls Football Team 101016

Girls Team: Isabel, Haneela, Zadie, Chenai, Katie and Saskia.  

Boys Football Team 101016

Boys team: Heath, Joshua, Sammy, Kyson, Manu, Henry, Isaac and Stanley.

Sydenham & Forest Hill Annual Sports Hall Athletic Event – 26th September 2016

Sports Hall Athletics 260916

On Monday 26th September 2016 five primary schools took part in the Sydenham and Forest Hill annual sports hall athletics event.

16 pupils, 8 girls and 8 boys from years 5 & 6 competed against each other in throwing, jumping and running events.

Sports Hall Athletics 260916 1

Pupils competed in two field events and two track events. The festival was held at Sydenham School in their new sports hall.

The atmosphere was so exciting, especially in the track events. Everyone was cheering and shouting for their team to do well. So many of the races were very close and it was fantastic to see so many pupils with such a natural talent. There were approximately

50 spectators all enjoying the excitement. Several of the pupils should consider attending the ’S Factor’ athletics club on a Saturday morning at the Ladywell Arena.

Well done to all competitors and a special thank you to the 18 sports leaders from Sydenham for officiating the festival so well.
G. Burt, Sports Coordinator                                                               Sports Hall Athletics 260916 2

Gordonbrock Girls Football Team