PHSE & Citizenship at Gordonbrock

PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health & Citizenship Education) is an integral part of all areas of the curriculum and is embedded within the day to day experience and learning for all children throughout the school. We believe that PSHCE provides a strong foundation for children as they move through their primary school lives and beyond.

At Gordonbrock, we use an effective model of discrete and regular Circle Time sessions that are taught using half-termly objectives as well as the teacher’s knowledge of the needs of the individuals in their class. We teach circle time lessons in a range of fun, creative and engaging ways, such as through drama, song and storytelling.  We also engage the children in activities and discussions that promote a growth mind-set and encourage resilience and risk taking, ensuring that they understand that these are all key features of becoming effective lifelong learners.

We place a high value on Citizenship in Gordonbrock. We have lessons and assemblies to help children better understand the key British Values and we celebrate and practise these values during our day to day learning and during special whole school events, such as Differences Week.

At Gordonbrock we provide a Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) curriculum based on the ‘Christopher Winter Project.’ All teaching materials are appropriate to the age and emotional maturity of the pupils concerned and the teachers present the programme in an objective, balanced and sensitive manner.

Samantha Evans,

PSHCE Co-Ordinator