PE at Gordonbrock

PE is a key aspect of school life as it helps to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Through PE, children develop self-discipline, self-awareness and the ability to work as a member of a team. At Gordonbrock, we aim to give children a varied programme of athletics, dance, gymnastics and team games (including football, hockey, netball, and cricket). Class teachers teach indoor PE throughout the school and we have an excellent sports coach from Teach Sport who comes into school every afternoon to teach outdoor PE to classes from Year 2 to year 6.

In PE, we focus on making sure that all the children are active and engaged throughout the lesson. Teachers very clearly outline the skills that the children will be developing during the lesson and will ask groups of children to model these skills to the class so that all the children are aware of what they are trying to achieve.

We continue to place emphasis on developing our teachers’ skills in dance.  We are very fortunate to have strong links with Trinity Laban. The staff team are now using the knowledge of skills that they gained during professional development sessions and team teaching with Trinity Laban to inform their planning.

During Pupil voice interviews about dance, children from Reception to Year 6 were able to give their opinions about their dance lessons and explained that their dance lessons were linked to their Geography or History learning. The children were keen to tell me about the opportunities that they were given to see dance works by professional companies on the whiteboard, to work with a team of their peers and to learn new dance skills. Many children mentioned how teachers gave them opportunities to practise skills, to try new ideas, to reflect on how they could improve and to show finished dance sequences to the class.

In 2019, we aim to continue to train teachers in dance through working with Trinity Laban. We also have planned professional development sessions with specialist teachers on gym, focusing on planning a six-week progression of lessons to give the children opportunities to practise and enhance their skills on the apparatus.

Gordonbrock is part of a family of schools and our teams attend sports tournaments to compete against each other and other schools. We were very successful in 2017-2018, reaching first or second place in many competitions. Children from all ages competed in football, sports-hall athletics and multi-skills and hockey tournaments. Children from Year 5 and six also compete in the annual Swimming Gala at Glassmill.

The school football teams are made up of twenty gifted and talented boys and girls from year five and six. They play in the Lewisham League on Blackheath.  Both teams train once a week after school and they are fully committed to attending regular matches.  In the spring, six girls are invited to compete against three other girls’ teams at a football weekend at Macaroni Woods in Eastleach, Cirencester.

Children in Year 4 have the opportunity to go swimming, at Glassmill, once a week for a whole year. The children really develop their skills and confidence during this year and an increasing number of children are keen to attend the Swimming Gala to show off their talents.

The highlight of the year is Sports Day, which is held at the Ladywell arena, for all children from Year 2 to Year 6.  Nursery and Reception children attend their own Sports Day at a field beside the arena. This is a chance for the children to show off their skills in both field and track events and to take part in fun events such as tug of war and high catch. Parents are encouraged to come and see their children compete at this lovely sporting venue. The close proximity of the two venues means that parents can go between the two areas in order to watch their children compete.

At Gordonbrock, we encourage children to join clubs outside of school to further their sporting adventure. We currently have both girls and boys playing football for clubs outside school. Children from our school also attend swimming, athletics and tennis clubs where they can continue to develop their own interest and expertise in their chosen sport.

Gill Norris,

PE coordinator 

PE and Sports Grant Funding

The introduction of the PE and sport grant has enabled us to further develop, strengthen and create a range of sustainable PE opportunities available to Gordonbrock pupils, in addition to and enhancing the weekly PE sessions which they already participate in.

To find out how we allocate and spend our Sports Grant Funding as well as the impact of this expenditure click here.

Sporting Events

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At Gordonbrock our children take part in a a variety of sporting events.

You can find out more about our sporting achievements here.


Our children enjoy a range of sport clubs that take place during and after school.

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