Ofsted Report

Ofsted Inspection - 16th January 2018

We are delighted to attach the letter detailing the outcome of our recent OFSTED Inspection. Please take time to read it and you will see how highly the inspection team regarded our school. Inspectors said they thoroughly enjoyed being in school and meeting our fantastic children whom they described as, ‘confident, articulate and appreciative.’

"‘You and your leaders have created a ‘can do’ culture of high expectations for all pupils.’"

"The school is a vibrant and exciting place to learn, where academic challenge is set in the context of engaging topics in the broad curriculum."

"You have strong strategic planning for improving teaching and learning across the federation… Teaching has consequently, moved to the next level and beyond, focusing on the key skills needed for learning"

"There is a consistent focus throughout the school on encouraging pupils to engage in a subject so that they are bursting to write about it."

"You have created a climate where pupils have the confidence to take risks with their writing, knowing their efforts will be respected and valued’"

"Behaviour across the school, both in and outside lessons, is exemplary. Pupils are welcoming, well-mannered and polite. Their ability to go about their work independently and sensibly is particularly impressive, as is their care and concern to help each other."

"Teachers use the characteristics of a growth mindset to support pupils’ personal development as learners. The editing and redrafting of writing in pupils’ books demonstrated resilience and an independent determination to improve"

"The overwhelming majority of parents and carers believe the school provides a very good standard of education"

"Parents trust the school to deal with any problems that arise. They particularly appreciate the caring ethos that enables their children to thrive.."

"‘The over whelming majority of parents that responded to the Parent View survey said their children were well looked after and that they felt safe at school."

Please click here to visit the Ofsted website to read the report in full.