Ofsted Report

It is with huge pride that we attach a copy of our Ofsted report.

The school has been judged GOOD overall with OUTSTANDING features.

Highlights from the report include:

"The school is a friendly, welcoming place where pupils enjoy learning and feel safe. They are proud of their school."

"Teachers and other adults create a purposeful working atmosphere in the school and manage behaviour well. They make lessons interesting and pupils generally behave well. They also behave well around the school and in the playground."

"At the end of Key Stage 2, attainment has also been rising from below average to slightly above the national average in both English and mathematics 2012."

"The school is a friendly, welcoming place where pupils enjoy learning and feel safe. They are proud of their school."

"All leaders and managers share the philosophy that every child can and should succeed."

"Achievement in the Early years Foundation Stage has been rising steadily."

"Attainment at the end of Key Stage 1 has been rising steadily."

"The interesting curriculum and a wide range of other activities mean that pupils have outstanding opportunities to develop social, moral, spiritual and cultural understanding."

"Pupils enjoy many interesting activities and clubs."

"Teaching is good and some is outstanding."

This is the result of a huge amount of hard work and dedication by the staff of the school, supported by the Governing Body and we would like to thank everyone involved for ensuring the children of Gordonbrock receive the quality of education they deserve.

As you will see from the report the strength of work between Gordonbrock and Eliot Bank is highlighted and again, our thanks go to the staff of Eliot Bank in working so closely with Gordonbrock staff to improve as much as it has.

The notification for inspections is now very short: we received a phone call on Tuesday lunchtime and the team were in at 8 am the following day, so this report really does reflect the school as it is.

The outstanding judgement for Leadership and Management covers a range of aspects of the school including:

  • …excellent policies which ensure that pupils have high levels of literacy, or pupils are making excellent progress in literacy.
  • The school’s curriculum provides highly positive experiences and rich opportunities for high quality learning. It has a very positive impact on all pupils’ behaviour and safety, and contributes very well to pupils’ academic achievement and their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.
  • Staff model professional standards in all of their work and demonstrate high levels of respect and courtesy for pupils and others.

These are all aspects that we are truly proud of.

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Please click here to visit the Ofsted website to read the report in full.