Music at Gordonbrock

In Music, children listen to and appreciate different forms of music.  At Gordonbrock children receive a full and from Nursery to Year 6.

In our designated music room our children sing, use instruments, make music and perform

The children in Early Years Foundation Stage learn musical concepts through and round their topics / themes for the term.

As they move to the Key Stage 1 all children follow a programme learning about musical terms like pitch and duration.

In Key Stage 2 children receive whole class tuition in:

  • Samba for Year 3 classes;
  • Ukele for Year 4 classes;
  • Recorder for Year 5 classes; and
  • Samba for Year 6 classes.

In Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 we have singing assemblies every week to broaden their scope in singing.  In addition to this we have 2 choirs, one for Key Stage 1 and one for Key Stage 2.

We also offer additional lessons in brass, harp, violin, guitar and samba.

Other opportunities include a gifted and talented Samba group led by an expert tutor, and a series of music technology workshops for Year 5 at a local secondary school.

Joe Prescott, Music Accompanist 

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