The Federation

The Eliot Bank and Gordonbrock Schools’ Federation began as a soft federation in September 2008. The schools had previously developed a number of informal links which benefited the children and staff.

In September 2010 a Hard (formal) Federation was formed. One Governing Body is responsible for its strategic direction. Kathy Palmer became the Executive Head teacher working strategically across both schools whilst the Heads of School, Maria Gilmore and Jenny Klein have full responsibility for leading and managing their schools.

This has proved to be very successful. Staff across the schools work together in a number of ways to ensure the standard of teaching and learning is high. We have a shared curriculum, assessment strategies and policies. Senior Leadership work closely together and staff regularly meet for Continuing professional development opportunities. More experienced staff across the federation support less experienced ensuring all quickly become proficient in their areas of responsibility.

Children across the federation also meet regularly with planned events closely linked to the curriculum.

The federation has a clear vision for the education of its children and our policies and practices are based on this. We want our children to enjoy learning whilst being challenged to meet the highest standards they can. Our schools are full of active and engaged learners who, as well as developing their academic skills, are also developing life skills of learning, friendship, effort and resilience.

We believe that each of the schools is unique with very differing communities, sites and buildings. Even though part of a federation our schools have retained their individuality. We are determined that the schools will keep this individuality underpinned by common expectations and purpose.

Both schools are very successful with children who tell us they feel safe and that are happy and engaged in their learning. Standards are significantly above national and both were recently named in the Sunday Times top 250 schools in the country. We are regularly asked to work with other schools to share and good practice and expertise.