Computing at Gordonbrock

The 2014 national curriculum introduced a new subject, computing, which replaced ICT. At Gordonbrock we believe that computing is an essential part of allowing children to discover new skills and develop their understanding of the world. The change in curriculum has given Gordonbrock the chance to review and enhance current approaches in order to provide an even more exciting and rigorous curriculum.

The curriculum has 6 strands that run through each year group: programing, computational thinking, creativity, computer networks, communication and productivity. We use a range of programs and electronic devices to enhance children’s understanding of these key principles. As well as using technology the children also complete ‘unplugged’ activities where they plan and refine ideas and principles before putting them into practise.

To raise the profile of the subject Gordonbrock also runs a computer coding club for year 5 pupils every Friday. In the club children who have an interest in computing are able to extend themselves and deepen their understanding of computer programing.

E-safety and being safe online is a core aspect of the computer curriculum and there is inbuilt E-safety guidance in each unit. Throughout the year children are involved in assemblies and workshops about this key area. All children are taught about using technology responsibly and about the importance of keeping personal information safe.