Art at Gordonbrock

Art is an integral part of the curriculum at Gordonbrock. Every term has a new focus which is shared across the whole school from Early Years to Year 6, incorporating skills such as printing, textiles and collage. Our themes are based around particular paintings, such as the ‘Take One Picture’ project organised by the National Gallery, or the work of a famous artist.

We have recently been inspired by the work of LS Lowry and we created a range of art based on his ideas and techniques. Children in KS1 made a cast of Lowry-type characters, incorporating drawing, textiles and model making. In KS2 the children worked on large scale models of London buildings – the results of which can be seen in the library.

This term our focus is Sketching and Painting, with many year groups developing their skills to explore portraiture. As part of our response to the New Curriculum all children from Year 2 upwards use high quality sketchbooks to show their responses and to record the progression of their skills. From Nursery to Year 1the children are given daily opportunities to draw, paint, collage and build. Whenever possible, we link the art to the children’s context for learning. In KS1, for example, the Year 1 children will use a range of materials to create sketches of teddy bears for their topic on Toys. The Year 2 children will look at a range of pictures linked to the Great Fire of London, including a portrait of Samuel Pepys.

We are incredibly lucky to have Jane Hughes, a specialist art teacher, who supports all classes – last year every class worked on at least one project with her. She also works in small groups with some of our talented artists. In addition, we are privileged to have links with the artist Anita Klein who has worked with the children, talking about her art and enthusing the children towards projects of their own.

At Gordonbrock we like to celebrate all the children’s work and there are many Art displays and exhibits around our school. Whenever you are in school do look around and see all the creativity on display.

Charlotte Bradbury,

 Art Co-Ordinator

E2 - Art Lesson (12)