At Gordonbrock School we are extremely proud of the children’s achievements and want to congratulate all the children and staff for all their hard work.


Our performance data for the previous academic year is shown below:

17-18 GB Pupil achievement and data outcomes v5
Past Performance Data

Please find below our performance data for the past academic years:


Gordonbrock School Achievement Data from 2016/17


Percentage of children achieving a Good Level of Development*

  Gordonbrock Lewisham National
Overall GLD 91% 79% 71%

*Areas considered are: Self-Confidence & Self-Awareness, Making Relationships, Managing Feelings & Behaviour, Health & Self-Care, Moving and Handling, Listening & Attention, Speaking, Understanding, Reading, Writing, Numbers, Shape, Space & Measure


Year 1 Phonics Screening Check                                                                                      


Percentage of children achieving the expected standard

Gordonbrock Lewisham National
Year 1 88% 81% 81%
Year 2 Rechecks 50% 92% 92%


Key Stage 1

Percentage of children achieving the expected standard

Gordonbrock Lewisham National
Combined Reading, Writing & Mathematics 74% 68% 64%
English Reading 85% 80% 76%
Writing 80% 73% 68%
Mathematics           84%           78%          75%


Key Stage 2

Percentage of Pupils Achieving the Expected Standard

  Gordonbrock Lewisham National
Combined Reading, Writing & Mathematics 81%          61%           61%
English Reading 87%          71%           71%
Writing 88%          77%           76%
Mathematics 90%          74%           75%
English Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling 87% 76%           77%

Percentage of Pupils Achieving the High Level of Attainment

  Gordonbrock Lewisham National
Reading, Writing & Mathematics 19% 8% 9%
English Reading 39% 25% 25%
Writing 27% 18% 13%
Mathematics 40% 24% 23%
English Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling 45% 35% 31%

Progress Measure* (value added from KS1-KS2)

  Gordonbrock Lewisham National
Average Progress in Reading +1.5 +0.1 0
Average Progress in Writing +1.1 0              0
Average Progress in Mathematics +1.9 +0.2              0


*Progress is a value-added measure. The national average for progress is 0.

Average Scaled Scores

  Gordonbrock Lewisham National
Reading 107 105 104
English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling 108 107 106
Mathematics 108 105 104

First Published September 2017

Updated October 2017


We are delighted that Gordonbrock is in the Sunday Times Top 250 State Primary Schools in England.

Schools are ranked by the aggregated proportion of children achieving level 5 in reading, writing and maths in their KS2 SATs, between 2013 and 2015.

As there are over 16,000 primary schools in the country we feel this is quite an achievement.

Well done to all our children, staff, governors and parents for the part they have played in this achievement.

We are enormously proud of our wonderful children.

Gordonbrock School has also received a letter from the Rt Hon Nick Gibb MP, Minister of State for School Standards, congratulating Gordonbrock on the high standard that KS2 pupils acheived in the KS2 mathematics assessments for 2015/16.

To read the letter in full please click here.

Please find a summary of our performance data here.


Compared to the other 83 primary schools that make up the borough, Gordonbrock were ranked 4th in Level 4+ in reading, writing and mathematics combined and ranked 6th in Level 5+ in reading, writing and mathematics combined. We are delighted to announce that the school received a letter from Sara Williams, Executive Director for Children & Young People at Lewisham Council, congratulating the school on our academic results for 2014 - 2015.

We are very proud of the children's achievements and would like to congratulate all of the children and staff for all of their hard work.

Please find a summary of our performance data below.

EYFS Good Levels of Development


Key Stage 1

Year 1 Phonics Screening Check


Key Stage 1 SATs Results

Key Stage 2

KS2 SATS Results


KS2 National Curriculum Levels of Progress

DFE Performance Table

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