Multi Skills Festival – 15/01/2020

We arrived at Sydenham School to see the enormous hall set up with lots of different activities for the Gordonbrock team to try.

We met Graham who runs the tournaments and he reminded us that we were there to have fun.

We started with the speed bounce and then moved on to  activities such as relay races, bean bag throwing, balancing on a beam, skipping and many other team games. The children were given an opportunity to try them all. Each activity was lead by a young leader from Sydenham School, they explained what the children had to do and they made sure that all the children played fairly.

At the end of the festival we were given a certificate for each child, which will be given out at achievement assembly.

This group were a pleasure to take to the festival, It was a treat to see their smiles as they tried each activity. Well done to Frieda, Elodie, Laila, Amararchi,  Sofia, Tyler, Kairo, Sean and Cassius, 

Thankyou to Mr Costello and Cassius’s Dad for coming to the festival with us. 

Gill Norris (PE Coordinator)  


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