Lewisham Football League – 11/01/2020

Gordonbrock 5-0 Eliot Bank : Girl of the Match: Isabelle for her first goal of the season and for excellent play.

The girls started the play this week, with strong defending from Isabelle and Cate.  Jason has been encouraging them to go for the goals and they certainly listened to him in this match with Beatrice scoring the first goal. Henrietta scored the second goal and then, following a cross from  Beatrix, she scored again to make the score 3-0. We also saw some outstanding defending from Isabelle, who made sure that the ball was kept away from our goal. This was very impressive play and the spectators were commenting on a higher level of confidence in the girls team. In the second half, Isobelle scored her first goal and Hebe showed her ability to think on her feet. Beatrix listened to Jason, she took on the EB girls, ran around them, positioned herself really well and shot just across the mouth of the goal. This gave her the confidence to come back a few minutes later and score a magnificent goal. She took her time to place the ball into the back of the net over the goalie’s head! 

Gordonbrock 2-1 Kender : Boy of the match: Darius for working with team mates to make the goals happen. 

Kender are a good team and always tough to beat so we were a bit worried about this one, especially when Kender scored really early in the match! Amazingly, the boys were not daunted and they played on with determination. Everyone was impressed by George who, even though a boy from Kender kept on pushing him, was determined to keep the ball no matter what! We all breathed a sigh of relief when Darius, assisted by his team mates, made the score 1-1. Matthew kept his eye on the ball at all times and made an amazing save with both hands, pushing the ball over the net. Edward and Darius impressed us all with their well placed passing as they brought the ball down the pitch resulting in a winning goal, and a rare smile, from Darius.

Good Shepherd 0-1 Gordonbrock : Girl of the Match: Hannah for scoring her first goal.

This match was a friendly and so Jason put all the Year 5 girls on the pitch for the first half. We saw some great positioning and passing from the girls: Sienna showed her ability to pass the ball and Isla was looking out constantly for the best position. In the second half we saw some accomplished passing from Ayiana, and Hannah took the ball confidently up the pitch to score and win the game.  

Dalmain 0-2 Gordonbrock : Boys of the match: Matthew, George and Leo for determined play.         

The boys started well with most of the play around the Dalmain goal. To his mum’s delight, Edward took an opportunity to score after the goalie missed a chance to save, making the score 1-0. Leo played really well in this game showing great determination to win the ball. Matthew made two outstanding saves during the course of the game. George, once again, showed good control of the ball and was passing accurately to his team mates. Sid did not give the ball up easily and Darius took two opportunities to take the ball up the pitch. On the second attempt, ably assisted by Edward, he scored to make it a winning morning for the girls and boys of Gordonbrock School.

Well done to: Khalisa, Cate, Ayiana, Beatrix, Isabelle, Sienna, Evie, Henrietta (Captain), Isla, Hebe, Beatrice, Hannah, Ollie, Matthew, Archie, Darius, Edward, Beron, Oliver, George, Sean, Sid (Captain), and Leo.                                                                         

Thank you to Jason for coaching the teams and to all parents and carers who came to cheer them on.              


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