Year 3/4 Football Tournament at Elm Lane – 28th February 2019

Dalmain 0-0 Gordonbrock: Dalmain always field a strong team and this team were no exception. So it was a battle from the beginning. Although Gordonbrock played really well they were unable to break through. Ruben made a valiant attempt but was unable to get the ball  in the back of the net.

Perrymount 0-3 Gordonbrock: There were some good players in this team but they were no match for Gordonbrock. The team showed their superior passing skills and determination to win in this match. Isla won most of her tackles and the defence were solid throughout. The goals came from Ruben and George.

Dalmain 0-1 Gordonbrock: This was the point at which we knew the team had a chance to win the tournament. Once again the teams were well matched, but a magnificent goal from Oliver into the corner of the net sealed the win and there were big smiles all round (Jason was smiling broadly too).

St Mary’s 1-3 Gordonbrock: We had a bit of a scare at the beginning of this match when St Mary’s scored! However, it wasn’t long before the team found their feet and the goals came thick and fast. First Toby, followed by an excellent save from Matthew. Ruben had an easy goal, into a wide open goal and with no one marking him. George got the final goal to put us in line for the medals with one more match to play.

Perrymount 0-3 Gordonbrock: With their sights set on the medals, there was no stopping the team now. We saw some great team play and passing from the whole team. Goals were scored by Ruben and William.

And so to the medals, as we already knew Gordonbrock came first with Dalmain in second place. It was great to see the team with their well deserved medals and trophy.

Congratulations for a fantastic result to: Matthew, Oliver, Toby, Ruben, William, George, Isla and Ollie. Special thanks to Jason for coaching the team so well.

Gill Norris, PE Coordinator


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